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BY Joel Junker

Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Episode 27 – How an Air Force Electrical Engineer and JMO Transitioned to a Career in Brand Management and Advertising

Dom Alcocer transitioned from the Air Force to General Mills as a Marketing Manger in April 2005.  He managed General Mills brands in the cereal and holiday cookies categories.  Dom claims he even invented a new holiday, “Back to School,”  and a type of cookie to go along with it.  He left General Mills for Pernod Ricard where he was “Director of Tequila” (pretty neat job title).  Today, Dom is a Senior Vice President, Group Account Director at Y&R (Young & Rubicam) in New York City.

Dom Alcocer, former AF JMO now SVP, Group Account Director at Y&R

Dom is smart and funny.  You will enjoy listening to him share:

Joel Junker