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Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Episode 52 – Is Sales for Development Candidates?

Is Sales for Development Candidates? In our latest episode, I interview Cory Nordstrom to find out. Cory is a former Air Force officer who transitioned to Corporate America in 2014. He started his career at Medtronic selling spinal implants in the hospital operating room to orthopedic and neurological surgeons.

For this podcast, I asked Cory to describe his experience leaving the Air Force and going directly into a medical device sales role. In doing so, he essentially describes a-day-in-the-life, which I found helpful in fully understanding what sales looks like in that environment. We also get into the topic of career progression and some possible areas that he can move to after this role. He shares some memorable advice that he is considering as he evaluates his future options. What he shares is not only relevant to sales, but really every career field in business. I hope you enjoy the conversation with Cory.Cameron-Brooks alumnus Cory Nordstrom talks about his transition from Air Force officer to sales in Corporate America and answers the question, Is Sales for Development Candidates

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Pete Van Epps