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BY petevanepps

Episode 98 – Selling in a COVID-19 World

Welcome back! On this episode of the podcast I interview Greg Payne. Greg is a former Army Infantry officer who transitioned in 2019 after attending a Cameron-Brooks Career Conference. Greg launched his business career at Abbott, a Fortune 500 Global Healthcare Company and specifically started within Abbott’s Point of Care division. Today on the podcast, we cover his transition into a sales role and how our current COVID-19 world has created an impact.

Why Sales?

We start our conversation discussing Greg’s decision to start his business career in a sales role. As a matter of fact, Greg asked to have more of his interviews in sales than any other type at the Career Conference. He believes (as do I) that the JMO is “uniquely qualified” to be successful in this type of role. He specifically connected the Army’s Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) to sales in so much as both have course of action development, threat assessment, collaboration, cross-functional leadership and, ultimately, a presentation to gain approval.  He went on to say that he basically views his primary role in sales as a consultant – someone who understands customer needs in order to present solutions and solve problems. Lastly, we spoke about assumed pressure to meet quota. Many people who don’t have sales experience believe that every sales rep is a day away from loosing their job if they don’t meet their quota. Greg dispels the myth and shares more about his experience and insight in managing his territory and a quota.

Selling in a COVID-19 World

Greg is located in Boston, one of the cities that COVID-19 hit the hardest. His job has gotten much more difficult because he (and all other medical sales representatives) are no longer permitted to enter healthcare facilities – the very same facilities he used to visit daily in order to meet with customers.  He said it was a “shock to the system,” but went on to explain how he is pivoting into new ways to bring value to his customers and drive revenue for his company. He also shares how healthcare is moving to more of a mobile-integrated environment and the direction some of his business may head moving forward. The aftermath of a COVID-19 world may leave, in it’s wake, a slew of new, transformative business practices.

Greg has built some incredible momentum in his first year in Corporate America and while the Coronavirus may have slowed the progress, he is finding new ways to continue to deliver value to customers.

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