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BY petevanepps

Episode 89 – Three Tips to Launch a Successful Sales Career

Welcome back! In this episode we feature Jonathan Brewer. He is a former three tips to launch a successful sales careerArmy Field Artillery officer who transitioned to Corporate America in 2018 and is an Account Manager for Anderson & Vreeland.  When Jonathan came to the Cameron-Brooks Career Conference, he had 15 separate interviews and just about every company expressed interest in having him out for a follow-up interview. At the Conference, he had more interviews focused on operational team leadership than any other type of career field, but through the discovery process of the Conference (his testimonial video here,) he learned that he was a better fit for roles focused toward business development. In this episode, Jonathan talks about making the transition into a sales role and gives three tips to launch a successful sales career. He takes the time to explain how he manages his territory and interacts with customers all the while being a good husband and father. I think you’ll really enjoy listening to Jonathan’s experience.

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