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BY Joel Junker

Episode 80 – 3 Secrets for a JMO to Launch a Successful Business Career

What are the secrets for a JMO to launch a successful business career?  In our latest podcast, we hear from a Cameron-Brooks alumni on his secrets to success.

Dave Dostal is a former Naval Aviator who now leads transformation and operational excellence improvement projects at Medtronic, one of the world’s largest medical device companies.

Dave made the transition from the Navy to Medtronic in April 2017 after 10 very successful years in the Navy.  He landed a career with Medtronic through the Cameron-Brooks Career Search Process.  As a Program Manager focused on operational excellence and business transformation, he is using many of the skills and knowledge he gained when he was an Aviation Safety Program Manager in the Navy.

Dave offers 3 tips for JMOs to successfully establish themselves in their careers:

  1. Have the mindset that you have control of your career.  Many military officers are used to the military controlling their career.  It is different in the business world, and successful JMOs pivot to the new mindset of having ownership of their careers.
  2. Take on as many hard and challenging assignments early on in your career.  Seek them out.  The learning curve will be steep but you will benefit in the long term.
  3. Do the small things well, then people will start to trust you.

In addition to the 3 secrets for a JMO to launch a successful business career we also talk about the importance of self-development and continued reading to include the books The First 90 Days, Quiet and Drive.

Enjoy the podcast!