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BY Joel Junker

Episode 78 – Top Companies You’ve Never Heard of Can Present Great Opportunities

We sometimes have to explain to JMO’s that just because you have never heard of a company does not mean that they don’t offer great potential career opportunities. Top companies you’ve never heard of can often present tremendous career opportunities. After all, not all Fortune 500 companies sell consumer products and services and are household names. If we stick only to what we know, we miss out on opportunities. You could also miss out on hearing another opinion. Or could even miss out on giving someone else who is different from us an opportunity to bring their full skillset and experience to bear.

Embracing diversity in your career search is important in conducting a career search. If you focus just on what you know or companies you’ve heard of, you will miss most of Corporate America! Our Alumni continually say one of their favorite aspects of working with Cameron-Brooks was interviewing with companies they never heard of or considered before. Kim Schimick

In this podcast, Kim Schimick, Director of Global Go To Market Business Solutions for PepsiCo, talks about the value of interviewing with a diverse range of companies and the parallel to that in her role of how she engages with unique companies that are not household names to launch products for PepsiCo. Kim is an USMA 2003 grad, former Military Intelligence Officer, who made the transition to PepsiCo in 2008.  She has been extremely successful in her career.  In addition to the topic of engaging with a diverse range of companies, she also shares her thoughts on how a JMO should establish  themselves in a career and how adding value to the company helps you reach your own goals, too.

Enjoy the podcast!