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BY Cameron-Brooks

Episode 145 – How Much Money Can I Make?

Today on the podcast, we’re featuring a special discussion revolving around one of the most frequently asked questions that we are asked by Junior Military Officers: How much money can I make?

A concern we often hear from military officers who are considering a transition is salary.

Transition Coach, Rob Davis, covers the topic of compensation and salary in Corporate America. This topic often plays a significant role in the transition process for officers in our program, from just starting to consider options outside of the military to interviewing & deciding where to start the next chapter of your career.

During our conversation, we discuss what kind of factors play into salary, the varieties and types of compensation, and other variables that can play into compensation when making a transition to Corporate America.

After today’s discussion, we hope you’ll walk away with…
– A better understanding of how compensation is structured in Corporate America.
– What variables you could expect to factor into salary as a military officer looking to make an industry switch.
– And at the end of our discussion, Rob and I will share how YOU can get personalized feedback on what sort of compensation to expect in Corporate America.

If you want a physical document to reference as you reflect on our compensation discussion, download our “How Much Money Can I Make” Transition Guide.

If you’re an officer considering options outside of the military, let’s chat.

Cameron-Brooks is a Military-to-Business career transition specialist that partners exclusively with Junior Military Officers to launch rewarding careers in Corporate America.

You can also check out our Transition Guide on “The 5 Most Common Mistakes JMOs Make Transitioning” for additional transition tips.

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