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BY petevanepps

Episode 123 – Hear Firsthand From April 2021 Alumni

Are you still in the military and either anticipating attending a Cameron-Brooks Career Conference or considering if a partnership with Cameron-Brooks is worth your while? If so, you’ve landed on the right podcast! In this episode, Joel interviews 4 recent alumni who attended the April 2021 Career Conference. Here is their background:

  • Jeanece Kelly: CAPT, Air Force Force Support
  • David Addams: MAJ, Army Aviation/Acquisitions
  • Dorothy Krebill: CPT, Army Signal
  • Jason McCarty: CPT, Army Infantry/Cyber

The group covers a wide array of topics and answers many questions like:

  • What does a Cameron-Brooks partnership look like?
  • What if you are a more senior JMO or beyond?
  • How can Cameron-Brooks help me translate my military background?
  • What does a “typical” interview schedule look like at a Career Conference?
  • What type of companies attended the April 2021 Career Conference?
  • How can I get an edge at the Conference?
  • What can I expect from the Follow up Interview Process?

Navigating the move from the military to Corporate America is filled with many decision and choices. Finding the right partner to help you navigate those decision can make the difference in your search and finding the right company based on your (and your family’s) goals and objectives. As you listen to this podcast, you may have more questions or be curious how you can replicate Jeanece, David, Dorothy and Jason’s success. CALL US! We can help! (210) 874-1519.

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