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BY petevanepps

Episode 103 – 3 Companies in 5 Years. Too Many?

Welcome back! On this episode of the Cameron-Brooks podcast, I interview Jim Marek. Jim spent over 7 years as a USMC Infantry officer before transitioning to Corporate America. When Jim came to his Career Conference in January 2016, he received multiple employment offers in roles focused in Consulting and Professional Sales. He ultimately chose to start his business career at H-P Enterprises. Since making his transition, Jim has worked at three different companies so the thrust of this conversation is focused on career management.

Our conversation begins discussing Professional Sales and why JMOs have a misconception about this career field. Jim likens it to being to an Infantry Platoon Commander or the owner of a battle space. As a Sales Professional he made sure to understand how his customers go to market, so whatever he sold would help them cut costs or drive revenue. Jim worked to understand the financial, contracting, legal, marketing, delivery, product development and operations – basically every aspect of his customers business.

We also hit on the topics of choosing a geographic location, getting an MBA while working and going through a merger with another company before focusing on navigating your business career. From there, we get to the heart of the discussion which is managing your own career. After delivering results in his initial role, Jim saw an opportunity at a different company to get to the next professional level and took the leap. I think that sometimes when people go multiple companies is a short amount of time they are viewed as indecisive. Jim is not indecisive – he is focused on growing his business career and experience. Be sure to tune in as Jim shares some interesting advice in regards to career management.

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