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BY Joel Junker

Episode 100 – How Corporate America Discovered the JMO :: Lessons from the Founders of Cameron-Brooks

We are celebrating our 100th podcast with special guests Roger Cameron and René Brooks, founders of Cameron-Brooks and the Junior Military Officer (JMO) recruiting industry.

Roger launched the JMO recruiting industry during the Vietnam War as veterans looking for work transitioned back into civilian life.  Consequently, because of the Vietnam draft, Corporate America needed to find an alternative source of talent from the college graduate.  Roger discovered the valuable leadership experience JMOs could bring to corporations and later partnered with René Brooks. Together they became the founders of Cameron-Brooks.

While other companies and organizations joined the industry in the years to come, Roger and René were the pioneers for 50 years in educating Corporate America on the value JMOs brought to business. They helped thousands of JMOs prepare and make a successful transition.

We cover a lot of ground in this podcast, from the history of the industry and Cameron-Brooks to what they found most meaningful in their careers and their pride in the Cameron-Brooks team.  Yet, I think the best part of the podcast is the advice both Roger and René offer JMOs and the Cameron-Brooks team during the Covid-19 pandemic and economic challenges.   Roger comments that companies will always hire leaders.  Opportunity is out there.  René later added that the ideal starting career, industry and location may not be available right away in the midst of a pandemic.  Have the strategy of “Get your foot in the door, add value, be a top performer and navigate to the ideal.”  Many of the JMOs they placed over 50 years did exactly that and made it to top positions in business.  You may have fewer interviews during a pandemic, but focus on the fit and quality versus quantity. Take advantage of them as you can only go to work for one company.

The podcast includes timeless advice from two very wise and successful people.  I want to personally thank Roger and René for their time in doing the podcast.  Most importantly, I want to thank them for building this industry, our company and taking a chance on me, hiring me as a 26 year old straight out of the military.

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Enjoy the podcast!

Joel Junker