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BY petevanepps

Cameron-Brooks Podcast Episode 10: Finding Camaraderie Outside of the Military, Listening to Customers and Having the Long View Over Career Progression

In this episode, former Naval Submarine Officer, Joel Godfrey, shares his unique perspective on making the transition from the military to leading very large projects as a Senior Consultant at A-P Networks.

Joel gives some great insight on:

  • Similarities and differences between leading projects in the military and Corporate America
  • Assimilating into the business world and fostering camaraderie
  • The importance of focusing on customers needs and being a better listener
  • Being patient and taking the long view regarding his career

Joel’s advice is not only for those considering a transition, but for those who have already made the transition.

If you are a military officer considering a transition, I encourage you to visit our website: www.cameron-brooks.com