The Benefits of Hiring Military

The benefits of hiring military through Cameron-Brooks

1. They are exceptional leaders & strong contributors.
Not only do JMOs gain firsthand leadership experience in their 4 to 14 years of military service, they also learn to deal with a range of challenges, from difficult decisions to crisis situations. Their knowledge and capabilities are further honed and sharpened by the Cameron-Brooks Development and Preparation Program© and can be invaluable to companies that expect their new employees to contribute early, offer fresh perspective and translate their skills into bottom line results. They have a level of real-time experience that most companies find hard to duplicate in the first 4 to 10 years of corporate life. Among many other qualities, they offer maturity, judgment, accountability, adaptability, and problem solving skills. They have proven track records of managing people, materials, projects, budgets and themselves. You eliminate many risks when you hire proven performers.

2. They are worth their weight in performance.
You get a lot of value for your dollar when you hire high-quality JMOs. Hiring managers would agree that one results-oriented employee is worth more than numerous average ones. When you add the myriad of other strengths that JMOs bring to the table, along with their preparedness to hit the ground running, their value in performance quickly overshadows all costs to hire them. In addition, they also have government relocation assistance upon leaving the military, which covers full or partial movement of their household goods.

3. They have powerful experience.
Cameron-Brooks candidates are accustomed to handling tough, demanding jobs. Their experience dealing with results-oriented, mission-critical assignments has trained them to carry huge responsibility and overcome obstacles. Whether you hire experienced business candidates, or graduate or undergraduate students, it’s hard to find the same type of experience you will find with top performers from the military.

4. They want a career—not just a job.
For high-caliber JMOs, the transition to Corporate America is not taken lightly. Their decision to leave the military is seen as a career move and a life change—not just a job. They want to grow career roots and are more apt to look for the challenges within their own company than look for the next job opportunity elsewhere. This attitude brings with it a sense of duty and loyalty to the company, which from our experience, results in higher retention for our client companies. This is a huge factor to consider when hiring and developing your future leaders.

5. Their career search is proactive—not reactive.
Our candidates have chosen to leave the military and have already resigned their contract. They are actively seeking a challenging and rewarding business career. With non-military candidates you either have to lure them away from their current employer or they have had the choice made for them via termination and are seeking a position in more of a reactionary mode.

6. They offer built-in diversity.
Because the military draws from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds, skill sets and perspectives, there is a built-in diversity that goes beyond race and gender. This diversity provides you with a pool of talent that is not only tolerant of differences, but embraces the qualities of fellow colleagues to promote success and accomplish the job. Over 25% of Cameron-Brooks annual placements are diversity candidates.

7. They understand how to get the job done.
Most officers have served both as team leaders and individual contributors and have learned how to function in an organization to get their job accomplished. They are excellent team players. They learn how to develop internal and external relationships; learn from their superiors, peers and subordinates; identify what matters; adapt as needed to get the job done and do so with integrity and professionalism for the good of the company, not themselves.