Military Transition

Five considerations before a military transition.

Most Junior Military Officers (JMOs) spend a significant amount of time on their decision to make a military transition and have many questions. Following the steps below can help guide you. However, the best way to gain valuable insight into your future possibilities is by scheduling a FREE Personal Marketability Assessment with a Cameron-Brooks Recruiter.

1. Determine your true motivation

A career transition from the military to business should be a proactive change versus reactive. We encourage JMOs to ask themselves “Am I leaving the military, or am I pursuing a career in business?” If your answer is “leaving”, you’re being reactive, but if you are “pursuing” you’re being proactive.

Proactive motivation leads to reaching your career goals. Reactive motivation leads to poor decisions. Common reactive motivations include pursuing a transition only for money, specific location or wanting to try something new.

Keep in mind you will spend 75% of your waking hours at work so it’s important to make the change for the right reasons.

2. Read about business

One of the best ways to see if you are a fit for Corporate America is to immerse yourself in it—pick up a book. Read the business section of the newspaper, FORTUNE Magazine and business books like Good to Great by Jim Collins, a top selling business book for almost a decade now, and PCS to Corporate America: From Military Tactics to Corporate Interviewing Strategy, Fourth Edition, geared to the military officer considering a transition and written by Cameron-Brooks Founder Roger Cameron along with Cameron-Brooks CEO/President Chuck Alvarez and Partner Joel Junker.

3. Determine your marketability

Before you make your military transition decision, you will want to know if you are marketable, the jobs and career fields for which you could qualify and the compensation range you could expect.

Talk with a Cameron-Brooks Team Member or sign up here for a FREE Personal Marketability Assessment that will answer your most top of mind questions regarding a military transition regarding location selection, what jobs you could qualify for and salary ranges.

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4. Identify areas of improvement before your military transition

Examples include taking finance and accounting courses, improving your information technology skills, starting a professional reading program and learning and applying business concepts such as Lean and Six Sigma.

5. Determine your timing

Use our experience guiding hundreds of JMOs in their transitions to help you decide on the best time to make the transition based on your unique situation. Our FREE Personal Marketability Assessment is a great way to answer all of your timing-related questions.

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Every career has pros and cons. Military or business, America’s leading companies want proactive and committed leaders with a career plan.