Make Your Job Easier

We aren’t just one of the top management recruiters. We’re the best. And we’ll bring you only the best.

Today’s economy and business climate has no doubt put America’s hiring managers at the edge of their seats. The pressure is on to hire wisely and attract employees worth their weight in performance. The bottom line has never been more relevant in the hiring process and hiring exceptional candidates with maximum value is not an easy task. However, one of the best ways to invest now, and in the future, is to secure talented, loyal and results-oriented employees. Here’s how Cameron-Brooks can help.

1. We make your job easier.
Now is the time to recruit more selectively than ever and make every hire count. So how do you find exceptional candidates? They don’t submit their resumé on special paper, and with many hiring processes, you never truly know the “fit” of a hire until after they start work. We provide our client companies with candidates who are documented top performers, thoroughly screened, excited about the challenges of the business world, and are looking for a career—not just a job. After more than 40 years in the business, Cameron-Brooks has expert know-how in identifying outstanding candidates, matching them to client company requirements and creating win-win situations time and time again.

2. We provide due diligence and increase your productivity.
Due to market conditions, you are most likely flooded with resumés, phone calls and emails from eager job applicants which is creating an overwhelming job of sorting, screening and interviewing. Unfortunately there are many people whose previous employers have not chosen to retain them and it is nearly impossible to get a true picture of their past performance. At Cameron-Brooks, our selection process requires past written job evaluations, college transcripts, and thorough applications. Plus, we are in regular contact for several months and sometimes up to 2 years with our candidates prior to you seeing them. Cameron-Brooks due diligence provides you a high level of assurance when hiring so you can focus on the other challenges of your business.

3. We represent outstanding candidates.
Every company wants to hire the true exceptions. They are the employees with outstanding abilities and skills who instinctively go above and beyond the call of duty. They are the ones that will impact the future of your company. We provide you a recruiting process that methodically filters out everyone else.