February 4, 2019

What is Your Leadership Style?

Pretty basic question, right? When I ask a Junior Military Officer (JMO) this question, he or she usually begins to describe how they lead an individual or a group of people over whom they have positional authority. In most cases, we would classify that as team leadership. I published a more detailed blog post on team leadership, which … Continue reading “What is Your Leadership Style?”

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February 28, 2017

5 Steps to Building Credibility with a New Team

I recently interviewed Rob Carranza for the Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Above and Beyond. Rob is a former Air Force Navigator with a Mechanical Engineering degree. In the podcast, we get into some interesting topics about his background and his transition to Johnson & Johnson as a Product Development Engineer. In his first role at J&J, he … Continue reading "5 Steps to Building Credibility with a New Team" Read More
November 18, 2014

Interview Feedback from a Recent Career Conference

At each of our Career Conferences, after a company interviews Military Officers, they sit with someone on the leadership team at Cameron-Brooks to give feedback on how each officer did in the interview. At our recent November 2014 Career Conference, I sat in the feedback out brief with hiring managers from one of the largest … Continue reading “Interview Feedback from a Recent Career Conference”

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