June 7, 2011

Current Economy and the JMO Career Search – June 2011

The economy seems to be back on that roller coaster ride (it probably never got off of it) and according to the headlines, we may be in another dip, though not as drastic as 2009.  I am writing this post because I know that Junior Military Officers thinking about separating from the service are following … Continue reading “Current Economy and the JMO Career Search – June 2011”

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December 21, 2010

Holiday Wishes From Cameron-Brooks

As one year concludes and another begins, we are thankful for this opportunity to slow the pace and reflect on the many blessing that have come our way over the past 12 months.  We are constantly encouraged by our family and friends, among those being our Junior Officer candidates, our Alumni and the companies for … Continue reading “Holiday Wishes From Cameron-Brooks”

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August 10, 2010

Positive Self-Talk and Visualizing Success

Last week  I wrote a short review on Mind Gym by Gary Mack and committed that I would write a few follow-up blogs from lessons I learned from the book that apply to a JMO conducting a successful transition from the military to business.  This week I want to relate a few of Gary Mack’s … Continue reading “Positive Self-Talk and Visualizing Success”

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May 12, 2010

The Cameron-Brooks JMO and the Current State of the Economy

If you have the opportunity to follow economic news, you know that it has been quite a dramatic couple of weeks with ups and downs in the stock market, concerns about the Greek financial situation, 290,000 jobs created in April (largest increase since 2008) which followed an increase of a total of 121,000 jobs created … Continue reading “The Cameron-Brooks JMO and the Current State of the Economy”

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April 8, 2010

JMO Headhunter – Candidate Success and Satisfaction

There are several JMO recruiters (headhunters) from which to choose when making a transition to business.  When evaluating headhunting or recruiting firms, one of the questions JMOs often ask me is about our candidates’ satisfaction rate years into their careers.  While in order to get statistics, it would be easy to send out a survey asking … Continue reading “JMO Headhunter – Candidate Success and Satisfaction”

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September 2, 2009

Lessons for a JMO Starting a Business Career – Part 2

When you first start your business career, your level of responsibility may not be at the same level as when you left the military.  This is a short term issue until you learn the operation, customers, products or services.  While you are learning and ramping up your responsibilities, find as many opportunities as you possibly … Continue reading “Lessons for a JMO Starting a Business Career – Part 2”

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August 21, 2009

Lessons for a JMO Starting a Business Career – Part 1

In July I celebrated my10th anniversary in a business career and all 10 years with Cameron-Brooks.  I am currently at our August 2009 Career Conference in Charlotte, NC and it is my 51st Conference as a Cameron-Brooks employee.  The 10 years have gone by quickly and I remember my first year  very well.  It was … Continue reading “Lessons for a JMO Starting a Business Career – Part 1”

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June 1, 2009

Receiving and Applying Constructive Criticism = Improving

Constructive criticism. Those two words send shivers down my spine.  I don’t like giving it and I am probably worse at receiving it; but I am getting better.  At Cameron-Brooks, we spend a lot of time coaching JMOs on how to answer the question, “How do you give constructive criticism?”  We do not spend much time … Continue reading “Receiving and Applying Constructive Criticism = Improving”

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May 19, 2009

Want bad news? Look elsewhere.

Cameron-Brooks let me out of the office for one of my infrequent recruiting trips.  I had the opportunity to travel a whole 75 miles from our office to San Antonio and meet with several candidates last week.  I heard from many of the JMOs that they are following the Cameron-Brooks Blog.  One specific JMO made the critical … Continue reading “Want bad news? Look elsewhere.”

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