November 6, 2015

Corporate America Wants Problem Solvers

After a very busy and rainy four days in Charlotte, NC, all of the candidates, companies and Cameron-Brooks team have returned home safely from the November Career Conference. We have a very busy 18 working days to come as we begin to coordinate all of the follow-up interviews. 47 candidates , 14 spouses/support team members, … Continue reading “Corporate America Wants Problem Solvers”

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March 3, 2014

What Are You Passionate About?

I read an interesting article in a recent issue of Fortune Magazine about Hobie Alder who was coined, at least in the article, as the “Founding Father of the Surf Industry.” The article chronicled how Adler, starting in the 1950’s, began building surfboards in his parents’ garage and eventually, through significant sacrifice and hard work, … Continue reading “What Are You Passionate About?”

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