February 24, 2015

Have You Checked Your Digital Profile Lately?

Last week a junior military officer (JMO) transitioning to business conducted a Personal Marketability Assessment with my colleague Rob Davis.  When this officer called in for his appointment, our caller ID showed (I am giving you the PG rated version of his Caller ID), “Inebriated Buttocks.”  You can figure out what it really said.  Not … Continue reading “Have You Checked Your Digital Profile Lately?”

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April 28, 2011

Online Education Programs for JMOs

I am currently recruiting Junior Military Officers (JMOs) in the Washington DC area. I am very impressed with how many of these JMOs have taken it upon themselves to further their development formally and informally. At Cameron-Brooks we continuously advocated self-development through informal training such as self-analysis and a business reading program. Not all JMOs … Continue reading “Online Education Programs for JMOs”

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