May 7, 2014

4 Steps to Being Prepared for Your Next Meeting

Ever step into a meeting feeling prepared, yet very quickly you recognize you really aren’t?  You start to feel warm, sweat a little, and get a tingling sensation from stress.  You feel uncomfortable and start wondering, “Will the other people notice?  How do I get out of this without anyone thinking that I am completely … Continue reading “4 Steps to Being Prepared for Your Next Meeting”

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September 24, 2010

Meeting Leadership – Respect and Listening

In the past month I have attended numerous meetings – school board, work and family.  Many of these meetings have gone really well where there was a high degree of respect for each participant, a focus on listening and understanding, and an effort by all to achieve synergistic solutions.  Some have not gone so well, … Continue reading “Meeting Leadership – Respect and Listening”

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