October 8, 2018

Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Episode 60 – The Value of the Cameron-Brooks Agreement and Career Conference

A lot of JMOs wonder why they should partner with Cameron-Brooks versus other recruiting firms or striking out on their own. They also wonder why they should enter a Cameron-Brooks agreement and wait to send out resumes or contact other companies until after the Cameron-Brooks Conference. In other words, they wonder, “How does this benefit

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July 9, 2015

Top Six Questions to Ask A Military Recruiting Firm

Be certain to ask the following questions when evaluating, comparing or interviewing military officer or Junior Military Officer (JMO) recruiting firms.  If you are currently working with one, it would also be wise to ask these questions of your current recruiting firm.  You may be surprised at the answers. 6.  How will you make certain … Continue reading “Top Six Questions to Ask A Military Recruiting Firm”

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September 22, 2009

Feedback from the August 2009 Career Conference

We are close to finishing the follow-up interview process for the August 2009 Conference.  A few candidates have some interviews left this week, but the strong majority have already accepted positions, or have one or more offers and are set to make a career decision by early next week.  Statistically, this will be the most … Continue reading “Feedback from the August 2009 Career Conference”

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