May 19, 2015

Answering Interview Questions Bottom Line Upfront

Several years ago, when I was in Minot, ND meeting with some AF JMOs, Susan, my wife, called me on my cell phone.  She started:  “Maeve (our daughter) fell off the monkey bars.  She took a hard landing and her arm twisted in a funny way.  She is at the hospital and has seen the … Continue reading “Answering Interview Questions Bottom Line Upfront”

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May 31, 2011

JMO Interviewing and the Failure Question

One of the several reasons companies value Junior Military Officers’ experience is that they have failed.  Yes, exactly, failed.  How can that be so?  Because when one fails, and fails in the right way, that person learns valuable lessons to apply in the future.  The companies then value that the JMOs have learned valuable lessons … Continue reading “JMO Interviewing and the Failure Question”

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