July 23, 2013

Results of the August Conference Question Challenge

Thank you to everyone who took the question challenge, and thank you to Pete Van Epps and Rob Davis for helping me moderate while out on vacation. As a group, the questions were impressive.  We sincerely believe this is a result of diligent preparation for the upcoming Conference.  The payoff will be results in the … Continue reading “Results of the August Conference Question Challenge”

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July 8, 2013

August 2013 Career Conference Question Challenge

This blog post is designed to help the August 2013 Conference Candidates practice developing questions.  However, anyone preparing for an interview will benefit from reading the post and the subsequent posts by the August Candidates.  (I sure hope they post!) Here are the guidelines: Read the job description below. Develop 3 questions and post them.  … Continue reading “August 2013 Career Conference Question Challenge”

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