September 21, 2011

Interview Attire for the JMO to Business Transition

In a previous blog post, I wrote about professional communication, specifically verbal communication. Today’s blog post is about professional non-verbal communication, particularly business dress or attire for interviewing. Roger Cameron writes in PCS to Corporate America, 3rd Ed., “Your physical appearance should imply that you are professional and competent and that you can get the … Continue reading “Interview Attire for the JMO to Business Transition”

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September 16, 2011

Cameron-Brooks Values Face-to-Face Personal Interaction

As a Junior Military Officer (JMO) headhunter (we prefer to be called a recruiting firm or recruiters), we believe in developing a personal relationship with our JMOs face-to-face. Most other JMO and traditional recruiting firms do not do this. This past week, I met with numerous JMOs across Germany, and these meetings reminded me that … Continue reading “Cameron-Brooks Values Face-to-Face Personal Interaction”

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