June 29, 2010

Leadership Enthusiasm

I want to follow-up on Scott LePage’s recent post about the June Career Conference where he quoted legendary basketball coach John Wooden. Several years ago Investor’s Business Daily interviewed John Wooden for the Management section of their newspaper.  They reprinted the article after Wooden’s recent passing.   What struck me most about the article was a quote from Coach … Continue reading “Leadership Enthusiasm”

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June 22, 2010

Cameron-Brooks June 2010 Career Conference

At our June 2010 Career Conference in Austin, Texas,  Cameron-Brooks candidates converted over 60% of their initial interviews to pursuits and every candidate came away with multiple opportunities for the follow-up process.  13 support team members came with the candidates and contributed significantly to their success.  We had a lot of opportunities resulting in one … Continue reading “Cameron-Brooks June 2010 Career Conference”

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June 8, 2010

John Finn- Medal of Honor

Two weeks ago, John Finn, the oldest living U.S. Medal of Honor winner, died at the age of 100.  The Cameron-Brooks Team had the great honor of hosting John at the 67th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor in Fredericksburg, TX in December 2008.  We flew out to his home near San Diego to get him, spent … Continue reading “John Finn- Medal of Honor”

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June 3, 2010

Describing Your Ideal Job in an Interview

The reason it can be so challenging to describe an ideal job in an interview is because, for most people, there are different sides to you that want different things.  The personal side wants high pay and rewarding work,  the family side would like time off and good benefits, while the career side wants fast promotion and … Continue reading “Describing Your Ideal Job in an Interview”

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