April 29, 2010

JMO Career Decision-Making

As a JMO recruiting company, Cameron-Brooks is much more than a “headhunter,”  as we assist our JMO candidates and our alumni through many critical career decisions.  These decisions include:  “Should I leave the military service?”  “If I leave the military service, what career options should I explore?”  “Which career will allow me to reach my … Continue reading “JMO Career Decision-Making”

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April 20, 2010

Cameron-Brooks Candidate Success and Satisfaction – Part II

After I published my previous blog post “JMO Headhunter – Candidate Success and Satisfaction,” http://blog.cameron-brooks.com/2010/04/08/jmo-headhunter-candidate-success-and-satisfaction/, I received an e-mail from a Cameron-Brooks alumnus from last year’s April Conference and another Cameron-Brooks alumnus posted a “One Year Post Conference Reflections” on our Discussion Forums.  This e-mail and post further underscore my point of the high level … Continue reading “Cameron-Brooks Candidate Success and Satisfaction – Part II”

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April 15, 2010

Cameron-Brooks April 2010 Career Conference

As our Cameron-Brooks team heads back from Charlotte, NC to our office in Texas, I am excited about sharing the results of the April 2010 Career Conference with you.  The April Conference continued the trend of increasing numbers of career opportunities, and the Cameron-Brooks candidates benefitted with the average number of interviews reaching the highest … Continue reading “Cameron-Brooks April 2010 Career Conference”

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April 8, 2010

JMO Headhunter – Candidate Success and Satisfaction

There are several JMO recruiters (headhunters) from which to choose when making a transition to business.  When evaluating headhunting or recruiting firms, one of the questions JMOs often ask me is about our candidates’ satisfaction rate years into their careers.  While in order to get statistics, it would be easy to send out a survey asking … Continue reading “JMO Headhunter – Candidate Success and Satisfaction”

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