August 28, 2009

Cameron-Brooks August 2009 Career Conference

The August Career Conference in Charlotte, NC is now complete.  Our client companies are leading their way out of this recession by focusing on getting the “right people on the bus” as Jim Collins says in Good to Great.  The result: candidates averaged over 9 interviews each and every candidate achieved success at the Conference.  … Continue reading “Cameron-Brooks August 2009 Career Conference”

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August 27, 2009

Why are you Leaving the Military?

Why are you leaving the military? This single question is typically the most frequently asked question of all junior military officers who choose to leave active duty and pursue a business career. Many JMOs will answer this question dozens of times prior to ever sitting in front of his or her first corporate recruiter in … Continue reading “Why are you Leaving the Military?”

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August 21, 2009

Lessons for a JMO Starting a Business Career – Part 1

In July I celebrated my10th anniversary in a business career and all 10 years with Cameron-Brooks.  I am currently at our August 2009 Career Conference in Charlotte, NC and it is my 51st Conference as a Cameron-Brooks employee.  The 10 years have gone by quickly and I remember my first year  very well.  It was … Continue reading “Lessons for a JMO Starting a Business Career – Part 1”

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August 19, 2009

An Effective Executive

I am currently reading Peter Drucker’s book The Effective Executive as a part of my continued development.  Drucker, as you may know, was one of the most widely known and respected management gurus, writing over 35 books that have shaped both businesses and public organizations.  I am only through the first 3o pages, but the first … Continue reading “An Effective Executive”

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August 13, 2009

Cameron-Brooks Alumni Partnership Program

One of the major benefits of completing the Cameron-Brooks Development and Preparation Program® (DPP®) and attending a Conference,  is in becoming a Cameron-Brooks Alumnus and having access to our Alumni services.  The Cameron-Brooks Guiding Principles state, “We help build the future of companies and individuals by committing ourselves to the development and growth of all … Continue reading “Cameron-Brooks Alumni Partnership Program”

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August 10, 2009

Cameron-Brooks Outlook on the Future

My previous blog post focused on the impact of the recession on Cameron-Brooks.  Now, I want to share with you insights about the future.  I am not an economist so I am not predicting the macroeconomic future, but I do listen carefully to our clients who represent numerous industries, and I want to share a … Continue reading “Cameron-Brooks Outlook on the Future”

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August 6, 2009

Cameron-Brooks Review of the Economy

Several JMO candidates have contacted Cameron-Brooks asking how the economy has affected Cameron-Brooks and our candidates’ career searches.  I surmised there were likely many more JMOs curious about the job market and the economy that were not contacting us directly, and thought the Cameron-Brooks Blog would be a good place to provide all JMOs who … Continue reading “Cameron-Brooks Review of the Economy”

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August 4, 2009

JMO Career Search – Goals and Choices

I have been a JMO Recruiter, or a military headhunter as some people call it,  for 10 years this month.  I primarily work with Cameron-Brooks’ client companies and during the 10 years, I have continually heard companies say they want JMO leaders who set and achieve challenging goals.  Recruiters are always impressed when they interview … Continue reading “JMO Career Search – Goals and Choices”

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