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Over the past 45+ years, Cameron-Brooks has assembled a robust and valuable library of resources available to JMOs transitioning from the military to Corporate America.  These white papers help to provide greater insight into more specific aspects of the transition process.


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Transition Success: Defining Transition Success and Choosing the Right Strategy
For Junior Military Officers (JMOs) leaving the service to pursue a business career, their transition is not very similar to business professionals making a career change. Most JMOs have 4 to 14 years of work experience so they are similar to their peers who graduated from college and went straight to a business career in that regard.  Continue reading….


Navigating the Filters: The importance of partnering with a quality recruiting firm when transitioning from the military to the business world.
For many Junior Military Officers (JMOs) the decision to transition from the military to the business world can seem like a daunting task when their commitments, not only in their current military job, but to spouses and families, consume a great deal of their time. In order to gain the most value out of the transition, it is imperative to engage and become associated with a quality recruiting firm. Continue reading….


Location v. Opportunity
Location preference is often an important topic of discussion for any Junior Military Officer (JMO) transitioning out of the military. A majority of the JMOs have likely lived in remote locations during their time in the military, so naturally once they leave, it would be ideal to be able to select the location of their choice. However, for those JMOs transitioning to the business world, having a restriction on your location preference can limit your career growth opportunities. The key is to determine how important location preference is to you and your associated career before you begin your career search.   Continue reading….


The Conversational Interview – Preparing a JMO for Interview Success
Interviewing can be stressful and nerve-racking just like giving a presentation. There are two reasons for this. First, there is a lot at stake – a potential employment offer – and second, the misperception of an interview.   Continue reading….


Connecting Your Military Background to the Business World
One of the most critical aspects of a transition from the military to the business world is the ability to connect your military background and experiences to business, and how your successes in the military will lead to successes in Corporate America.  Continue reading….


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