Why a recruiter?

Some JMOs ask themselves if going through a military-to-business recruiter is worth the time — and if they couldn’t achieve the same results on their own.  Here is a path of what your transition journey would probably look like with each option.

CB-Website-NewPage-WhyRecruiterWhyCB-graphics-(2)_13Transition Experience

A good recruiter has taken hundreds of JMOs through the process and can help you hit the mark on your goals.


CB-Website-NewPage-WhyRecruiterWhyCB-graphics-(2)_10Transition Experience

You’ve never done it before. If you land an interview, can you properly prepare yourself to outshine other applicants?

CB-Website-NewPage-WhyRecruiterWhyCB-graphics-(2)_24Valuable Knowledge

Recruiters know the business world inside and out. We know the right blogs to follow, the right books to read, and the right corporate philosophies to understand. We are your resource.


You will need to research and determine which of the myriad of resources are valuable and then decipher and educate yourself on topics important to Corporate America.

CB-Website-NewPage-WhyRecruiterWhyCB-graphics-(2)_29Career Coach

Future goals. Industry preferences. Location expectations. Interview prep. Recruiters are trained to prepare you and help figure out what YOU want most to get you across the finish line.



Your Interview Chain

A recruiter already has trusted connections. You will avoid the “gatekeeper wall” and will get solid interview time with the key decision makers.


Your Interview Chain

On your own, you will most likely struggle to stand out from the sea of applicants and get your resume seriously considered by the key decision makers.


Happy Factor

The right recruiter doesn’t just secure you a job. They help you start a career full of future potential and success.


Happy Factor

While you may land a job, it might not have the future potential you were hoping for.

CB-Website-NewPage-WhyRecruiterWhyCB-graphics-(2)_52The Big Day

With a recruiter, you will prepare for and attend a Career Conference where you will interview with great companies – multiple interviews in two days. Boom. You’re Done.


The Big Day

On your own, you will live in constant hope of “getting in” for an interview. Be prepared for the “send resume and then wait” roller-coaster ride.

Now, why Cameron-Brooks?

Now take a look at why Cameron-Brooks is the right recruiter to partner with.

Investment of time

now-icons (2)Cameron-Brooks will work with you years in advance of your transition. We want to start working with you as soon as you start even considering a business career. MORE >>

now-icons (1)Most recruiting firms will ask you to contact them about 3 months before your transition. Some have a cut off of no more than a year.


now-icons (4)We offer the only proven in-depth program that educates and trains you on many aspects of Corporate America. It will hone your skills and prepare you to do more than talk-the-talk in the business world. MORE >>

now-icons (3)Most recruiting firms offer a limited and passive preparation program – enough to get you past some interviews, but not the ones with selective companies, and it won’t prepare you for success once you start your career.

Personal Relationships

now-icons (5)No other recruiting firm can match the Cameron-Brooks relationship. First, we travel to all four corners of the continental U.S. as well as Hawaii and Germany to meet with you in person. MORE >>

now-icons (6)Other recruiters’ short time frames allow less time to build a relationship with the JMO and truly understand his/her personality, abilities, and goals. By not taking the time to build a personal relationship, their focus is on quantity over quality. 


now-icons (7)We are not only the most selective recruiter within the industry, we also have the longest heritage. We are backed by over 47 years of experience. MORE >>

now-icons (8)Other recruiters are just getting started by comparison. This will be one of the biggest decisions in your life. Do you want to trust a company still building its roots?

World-Class Companies

now-icons (9)Thanks to a long track record of providing the best-prepared candidates, we have rock-solid relationships with Fortune 500 and other leading companies. MORE >>

now-icons (10)While other recruiters may offer some high level companies, they don’t consistently represent the most prepared candidates, and they don’t consistently offer promising developmental positions.

Career vs. Job

now-icons (11)From day one, Cameron-Brooks prepares you to launch a career, not just find a job. By the time you attend a Career Conference, you will be ready to choose an exciting career matching your skills and interests. MORE >>

now-icons (12)Because of their time constraints, there isn’t much time to prepare beyond the interview or really get to know the candidate. This can lead to poor matches with companies. It’s close. But we can be off the mark.

Lifetime Network

now-icons (13)After you have transitioned, you will be an official Cameron-Brooks Alumnus. You will have an automatic network of colleagues, lifetime help from us on promotions, references, and career advice. MORE >>

now-icons (14)Other recruiters’ business models are designed to think about current candidates so they don’t have the time to nurture a strong alumni group.