The Cameron-Brooks Transition Timeline

Where others may recommend beginning the planning and preparation process a few months before separation, we believe the earlier you start, the better. Most officers start our program one year prior to transition, but not one of our alumni will advise that you can start too early.


Before you even start considering a transition, investigate, ask questions and find out why it’s to your benefit to partner with a recruiter.


One year
before transition

Partner with Cameron-Brooks. Start our Development and Preparation Program and Interview Prep Workshops.

Don’t Have a Year?

Short on time? Just made the decision to transition? Just heard about Cameron-Brooks? Call us and let us explain how we can tailor our program for a shorter timeline.

Five to 11 Months Before Interviews

You will be well into our Reading List and DPP© Program.

Four Months before interviews

Our expert Resume Consultant will work with you to craft your world-class business resume.

Two Months Before Interviews

Interview prep goes into high gear with webcasts, mock interviews and more.

One Month Before Interviews

Goals, interests, preferences, etc. are all re-addressed to ensure you are well matched with companies and positions at the Conference.

Two Weeks Before Interviews

You are matched with client company opportunities for the Career Conference.

The Interviews (Career Conference)

All your hard work leads up to this event. Here’s how it works.

18 Working Days After Interviews

Follow-up interviews. Offers. Acceptance.

Two to Three Weeks
Before Transition

Transition logistics are in full gear.


After Transition

Congratulations! You are officially a Cameron-Brooks Alumnus!