The Companies

Our client roster: Companies who hire from Cameron-Brooks

Cameron-Brooks has spent 47+ years building relationships with America’s top companies. Their hiring managers know that we have been consistently providing top-notch talent for decades. The caliber of our impressive client list (just a sampling of our client companies) reflects that trust.

JMOs consistently applaud the quantity and caliber of companies that they are able to meet at our hiring conferences. They recognize the obstacles that would be before them should they attempt to garner face time with a number of key company decision makers in top companies on their own. Plus, other recruiters without similar long-time track records are less likely to be able to bring as many high-caliber hiring managers to the table.

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our Alumni:

Josh Witten
January 2015 Conference
Western Kentucky University, BA Economics
Army, Logistics
Koch Industries, Financial Analyst

“The variety of companies I was able to interview with in two days at the Career Conference was incredible! I was qualified for every position I interviewed for–the Career Conference was exciting. My interviewing skills and knowledge of specific companies has increased tremendously.”


Elizabeth Cal
January 2015 Conference
USMA ‘07, Leadership
Army, Logistics
NuLife Med, Account Manager

“The brand ‘Cameron-Brooks’ means something and has such an impressive reputation with these companies that it automatically gives you a foot up on the competition.”


Derek McVay
January 2015 Conference
School, BA Interdisciplinary Studies
Marine Corps, Infantry
Oncology Rehab Partners, Business Development Executive

“At the Cameron-Brooks Career Conference, I was presented with a wide range of companies and opportunities. I was very impressed with how hard the Cameron-Brooks Team worked to provide such a wide range of career paths at the Career Conference.”


Tim Crownover
April 2015 Conference
University of Central Missouri, BS Criminal Justice
Army, Infantry
All Risks, Ltd., Sales Representative

“The quality of clients Cameron-Brooks brings to a Conference is staggering.”


Erick Ribeiro
April 2015 Conference
Grove City College, BS International Business
Marine Corps, Engineer
Textron Aviation, Regional Sales Associate

“The exposure to a wide variety of companies, positions, and industries exceeded my expectations. This exposure has not only opened the number of future possibilities for me, but also allowed me to refine what I am looking for in a career.”