JMOs Are A Minority at the Service Academy Career Conference

JMOs Are A Minority at the Service Academy Career Conference As a Service Academy graduate and JMO, you have a track record of success and a skill set that is valuable to Corporate America. Companies value the quality of an Academy education that combines technical coursework with more liberal arts courses to produce a well-rounded officer with impeccable leadership skills. Because our client companies come to us with top developmental positions and a high bar, they know by interviewing an Academy graduate, you already have the leadership, critical thinking, multitasking, and problem-solving skills needed to fill their selective positions.

As a Service Academy graduate, we understand there can be several sources you might consider when transitioning to the business world: recruiting firms, your own network, or perhaps the Service Academy Career Conference (SACC). Just this week, I received an invitation to the upcoming SACC and I recently celebrated my 25th year as a USMA graduate. Did you know, as a JMO, you are actually a minority when attending a SACC Conference? This was part of the email I received:

“Did you know…SACC is NOT a JMO-specific Job Fair? Last year, 1/3 of attendees were those in their initial transition phase; 1/3 were those who were leaving active duty after their second tour or were already in the civilian sector and looking for another opportunity; and 1/3 were candidates who graduated from their academies more than 17 years ago! SACC is for candidates of every level of expertise and seniority.”

For nearly 50 years, Cameron-Brooks has specialized in JMOs and has taken special interest in, and partnered with, Service Academy graduates to help them find specific developmental positions that launch successful business careers.  Where do Service Academy graduates start in business? The list is endless and includes: Senior Consultant with a top management consulting firm; General Manager for a FORTUNE 500 health care company; Business Analyst with a leading professional services company; New Product Introduction Engineer with a high technology Silicon Valley company; Field Clinical Representative for a FORTUNE 500 medical device company; and more.

When Service Academy JMOs transition with Cameron-Brooks, they have the opportunity to interview with 10+ companies over two days. They get to interview for a wide variety of positions and industries helping them conduct a broad career search to find their best fit in the business world.  At Cameron-Brooks, we don’t help you find jobs, we help you launch careers. Below are LinkedIn profiles of some of our alumni.

I thought you might be interested in learning about some of our Academy alumni and how a partnership with Cameron-Brooks helped them achieve outstanding careers in Corporate America. If you want a career like them, email me today at

John McGrath, President & CEO, Pactiv Corporation

Brian DeBoda, Vice President of Global Commercialization, Medtronic, Inc.

Dennis Maloney, VP, Chief Digital Officer, Domino’s Pizza

Joe Nowicki, Managing Director, Global Real Estate, Chatham Financial

Joel Mabry, Senior Director of Manufacturing, LAM Research Corporation

Dan Allen, Vice President, Grey Mountain Partners