Featured Alum

Josh Ewing

Company: EMCOR (Viox Services)
Position: Project Manager

Your career path to your current role:

I spent 18 months as a project manager transitioning new business accounts. Made a decision to pursue a role in operations, specifically account management. Was provided an opportunity to manage and lead an existing “top 3” (revenue) account and accepted – current position Account Director.

What is the more rewarding aspect of your company and current role?

The opportunity to impact the growth and development of the individuals I’m leading and empowered to impact the bottom line and growth of the company through P&L responsibilities.

What is one thing you learned during your time as a candidate with Cameron-Brooks that has been influential to your career success?

The interview preparation gained through the DPP along with the interviews during the career conference has been the most influential. This experience was extremely valuable and is something I will carry throughout out my career – not just in future interviews, but building relationships and connecting with people.

What book/blog/podcast have you read recently that has had a positive impact on your performance?

The Energy Bus.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in the business world that you would not have been able to complete without your military background?

Inheriting an account and team that had many challenges and turning it around. My military background gave me the confidence and leadership experience to rebuild my team and work side-by-side with our customer to regain their trust and partnership with my organization. We were able to renew our contract and the team, after ensuring the right individuals were on the bus, has turned a corner and is moving in the right direction. Specifically around attitude, customer service, and accountability.

What specific advice would you give to other Cameron-Brooks Alumni, especially the ones in their first two years?

Be eager, network, and have humility. Make it a priority to network and build as many relationships as you can, especially if you have interest in a certain area or sector of the business. You don’t know everything so be humble and focus on listening / learning from others around you, including the folks you are leading. Day 1, JMO’s bring valuable leadership and other skills such as process improvement, project management, strategic planning, etc. but many will lack industry and overall business experience. Be eager to learn and fill this gap. You must take the initiative to drive your own career path.