The Cameron-Brooks Advantage

The fact that many FORTUNE 1000 companies and up and coming smaller companies come to us for outstanding hires over and over again speaks for itself, but it usually takes attending only one of our Career Conferences to truly experience what is so unique about Cameron-Brooks. Our full service recruiting and our high-caliber candidates have earned us the reputation as the most consistently reliable military recruiter in the industry for providing top talent. We have been given this distinction for several reasons:

Over 45 years of experience
No other military recruiting firm can match our breadth of experience. We have the kind of critical knowledge and insight that can only be developed over time. For over 45 years, we have been providing leading companies with the outstanding talent they require to keep pace with the ever-changing needs of the business world. We know what works and, as importantly, what doesn’t. Our recruiters don’t just spot potential, they sense it. Our team has developed extraordinary instinct combined with factual objectivity for recognizing and placing future leaders that is continually acknowledged by the success and high retention rate of our candidates.

Our selectivity
People are complex and even the best hiring formulas are not fail-safe. However, our screening has substance and depth which diminishes many of the risks in hiring. Our full-time job is to search out the top performers who are looking to transition from the military. In fact, the candidates you will meet are the top 15% of JMOs we interview. We require all military evaluations and college transcripts in addition to a thorough application. Our face-to-face interviews, numerous phone calls and countless emails with accepted candidates can stretch over 12 months and more before the candidate attends one of our Career Conferences. They come to you with their eyes wide open, their head on their shoulders, and their feet on the ground. They are the caliber of people who help build companies.

We save you time and money
Not only will you interview more quality candidates in less time than you ever thought possible, we do all of the screening, logistical leg work and facilitate follow-up interviews. Plus, you save valuable time by only pursuing candidates who we know have a real interest in your company’s career opportunities.

Our proven Development & Preparation Program©
Any candidate you interview through Cameron-Brooks has been through our Development and Preparation Program© (DPP). Coined the “Mini MBA” by a long-time Fortune 100 client, this extensive program arms the candidates with knowledge of the business world and provides them guidance in understanding and translating their many assets to Corporate America. This program helps our candidates hit the ground running.

Our ability to place in a variety of career fields and industries
We recruit for all major career fields including engineering, manufacturing, operations, sales, marketing, finance, information technology and for many specialized positions. Additionally, we serve many diverse industries including medical, consumer products, services, industrial, food and beverage and financial. Our extensive Development and Preparation Program© not only covers general business knowledge but also includes specific up-to-date methodologies and trends throughout the business world.

Our highly productive Career Conferences
Cameron-Brooks Career Conferences are not job fairs. Interview schedules are meticulously prepared to match appropriate candidates and companies so you will only interview candidates that meet your criteria. Some client companies attend just to hire exceptional talent, while others attend to fill specific open positions. After the Career Conference, we work with you to support your efforts with candidates you have a real chance to hire.

Our irreplaceable team
We have some of the finest people working right here at Cameron-Brooks and feel they are a testament to the caliber of candidate we offer our client companies. Every employee at Cameron-Brooks is sincerely dedicated to providing you with the absolute best recruiting experience possible. Learn more about our team ›››