Hear firsthand officer testimonials about how Cameron-Brooks can impact your military transition—and your life.

The following are officer testimonials from Cameron-Brooks alumni who have successfully made a military transition to the business world and are now working with our client companies.

David Ackland

Texas Christian University
Air Force
Michelin Tire / Global Leadership Program

My favorite aspect of the Cameron-Brooks experience has been the quality of information and preparation material provided along with the experienced, dedicated, and professional staff. Their knowledge and longstanding history assisting transitioning JMOs is clearly evident in their courseware, the Career Conference execution, and the follow up process. There is someone to assist you every step of the way.

Dan Wilhelm

University of Colorado
Marine Corps
Harris Corporation - Product Management

Marquette Leveque

United States Naval Academy
Boston Scientific / Manager 1 – Process Engineering

Cameron-Brooks expertise and commitment to every candidate has been exceptional. The DPP program was really like a mini-MBA and prepared me more than any other program out there. The program and the reading list has prepared me to hit the ground running in Corporate America allowing me to add value to the company I choose to work for from day one.

Alex Grimes

Texas A&M University
Marine Corps
Altec Industries - Account Manager

Gary Albright

United States Naval Academy
Marine Corps
Altec Industries / Production Supervisor

Cameron-Brooks teaches you how to interview, they remove the stress of a career search, and are willing to advocate on your behalf with the companies you interview. They truly want to see you succeed. The earlier the start, the better. You cannot read too much, and you cannot spend too much time preparing. Focusing on this being the next step of your career/life and treating it as one of the most important decisions will help you be prepared as well.

James Morris

The Citadel
Marine Corps
Altec Industries - Account Manager

Jaymes Bell

Auburn University
Black Wolf Group, Inc. / Leadership Development Program

Cameron-Brooks is World Class! They blew me away with their professionalism and with the opportunities they provided. The C-B podcasts and discussions with their team, showed me different types of opportunities and which I fit best in.

Paul Queen

Gonzaga University
Marine Corps
Boston Scientific - Field Clinical Representative

John Roof

Wofford College
Michelin Tire / Global Leadership Program

The Cameron-Brooks Career Conference was an incredible experience and one that exposed me to industries and companies I would have never had the opportunity to meet. I believe the C-B partnership will be valuable and helpful for future job performance and provide opportunities for advancement.

Tommy Ryan

United States Military Academy
Asurion - Manager, Product Analytics

Dustin Pratico

Marine Corps—Public Affairs
BA History & Education, MBA
Stryker Corporation—Brand Manager

Very professional program. Cameron-Brooks worked tirelessly to help set me up for success. They truly cared about guiding me through a successful transition and invested in my future.

Gregory Davis

Air Force—Cyber Security
BA History, MS Cyber Security
Protiviti, Inc.—Senior Consultant – Cyber Security & Risk

Partnering with Cameron-Brooks is the way to go when you need help finding direction. As a JMO I had no clue what was out past my military ‘island’. The benefits of having a team dedicated to your future cannot even be measured. I would not have landed anywhere close to my potential without C-B.

Dean Graham

Marine Corps—Engineer
BS Applied Mathematics
Love’s Travel Stops—Operations Manager

I was leaving the military with a job mindset and had very little understanding of the business world; I didn't know what I didn't know, but partnering with Cameron-Brooks allowed me to have an established organization that well-articulated the advantages of hiring JMOs. C-B also advocated for me during the follow up interview process, and gave me the tools help me effectively communicate my capabilities.

JD Vernon

Marine Corps—Intelligence
BA History
PACTIV Corporation—Territory Sales Manager

The Cameron-Brooks Development and Preparation Program taught me how to relate my military experience to the business world. Through our partnership I was exposed to industries and opportunities I would never have considered had I transitioned on my own. I know this experience could not have been replicated, nor would I have come away with the same knowledge base without the help of the C-B team.

Mike Hanks

BS Accounting, Business Administration
Wyndham Hotel Group—Manager, Franchise Operations

I would not have been able to learn as much about the business world, or have had the number of opportunities to interview with top tier companies without Cameron-Brooks. Because of their partnership, I will have a real opportunity to continue growing as a leader in my post military career.

Stevie Solano

Air Force—Aircraft Maintenance
USAFA ’11—Behavioral Sciences
MBA Human Resources Management
USAA—Decision Science/Business Analyst

As a transitioning military officer, I did not did not know how to study for the business world or make the connections needed to build a strong business network. Cameron-Brooks did the legwork for me! They provided great opportunities with great companies and gave me the tools I needed, as well as the mentorship, to have a successful transition.

Adam Evanski

BA Economics
Port Logistics Group—Chief of Staff

Cameron-Brooks pays attention to every detail, from their perfectly planned career conference to their web based learning program, no time wasted. Something I appreciated very much. The Cameron-Brooks team has great experience, enthusiasm and professional connections that set me up for success in my post military career.

Chaz Demerath

Air Force—Acquisition
USAFA ’11—Business Management, MBA
Protiviti, Inc.—Consultant

Working with Cameron-Brooks was a phenomenal experience. They provided a unique opportunity to meet with hiring managers from leading companies that I would not have had access to on my own. Their individually tailored program prepared me for a truly successful transition.

Eliot Bieletto

USMA ’13—Physics
Russell Reynolds Associates—Research Consultant

I greatly respect the Cameron-Brooks team for the level of detailed attention, and the desire to aid in my successful transition. Their Development and Preparation Program is a great tool for learning about the business world and preparing for interviews. and they shortened the recruiting timeline, allowing me to interview with hiring managers.

Chris Ceconi

Navy—Surface Warfare
USNA ’13—International Relations
Bio-Rad—Corporate Procurement

I enjoyed the support Cameron-Brooks provided throughout the whole process. C-B truly invested in me, and provided more value in one meeting/phone call than I could have ever hoped to gain from a solo research.

Jim Finn

Texas State University - History
Army Armor Officer
BP – Maintenance & Automations Director

From my first phone call to Cameron-Brooks, I was given direction and confidence that the direction was the right one. Mary Lou and Joel conducted my initial meeting and I was floored: not only was the message completely the same as in "PCS to Corporate America", but I was completely confident the entire CB team was in my corner. Every interaction from then on with Rob, Pete, Danielle, and the rest of the team was uniformly stellar.

Anthony Taylor

University of North Carolina - Communications
USMC - Logistics Officer
Atlas Copco Drilling Solutions - Regional Commodities Manager – Freight

Earl Morris

MidAmerica Nazarene University – Criminal Justice
Army Field Artillery Officer
Pivotal Systems – Transformation Consultant

Cameron-Brooks matches you with positions and identifies abilities you may not have realized you possessed. The level and volume of opportunities presented at the career conference in a two-day period are more than you will find over a six-month period. The level of responsibility for the careers I interviewed for, along with the level of decision makers I met with were far beyond my expectations. I don’t believe the vast difference between trying on your own, or even another agency compared to partnering with C-B can be accurately described in words.

Brenden Reber

United States Military Academy – Systems Engineering
Army Logistics Officer
Corning MTE – Project Engineer

Cameron-Brooks does a great job preparing you for interviewing with companies and helps steer you in the right direction based on your skill set and experiences in the military. The conference is well organized with outstanding job opportunities. I feel better prepared on how to communicate in the business world as far as translating my military experience into a language everyone can understand. Now being informed of what each industry is all about gives me more confidence to go forward and a direction I'm most interested in.

Bryce and Jessica Saddoris

United States Naval Academy - History
USMC - Supply Officer
Altec Industries – Account Manager

Brian Forfa

Penn State University – History and Political Science
Army Infantry Officer
PACTIV/Reynolds Brands – Operations Manager

Partnering with Cameron-Brooks definitely exposed me to companies and opportunities that I would have not known existed. Many of the companies that I interviewed with reported having Cameron-Brooks alumni in leadership roles, including a few in Executive-level positions, so I have no doubt that my partnership with Cameron-Brooks will continue to be an asset in my future.

Josh Loquvam

Washington State University – Political Science
Army Armor Officer
Flowserve Corporation – Logistics Area Supervisor

Cameron-Brooks helped me navigate a world that is completely foreign to me. I have been in the Army for nearly 10 years, and have never operated in Corporate America. Cameron-Brooks are experts in helping you translate military experience to business qualifications, and removing some of the barriers that typically come with getting your foot in the door.

Ian Lazaretti

Iowa State University - Meteorology
Air Force Communications/Cyber Security Officer
Boston Scientific – Project Manager

Cameron-Brooks made me see my potential through a different lens. I was afraid of pigeon holing myself coming out of the military, but Cameron-Brooks helped me see options. It gave me an opportunity to learn how Corporate America thinks, and the overall process. I had no idea so much went into it before I signed on.

Patrick Brinegar

University of South Carolina – Political Science
Naval Flight Officer
Pivotal Systems – Transformation Consultant

Cameron-Brooks greatly simplifies the transition process! I'd tell them that C-B enables them to connect with numerous companies in a variety of industries in ways that they'd be hard-pressed to do on their own. I think that simply providing me the opportunity to interview with several outstanding companies gives me a definite path to future advancement.

Greg Shields

Drexel University – Business Administration
Army Infantry
Corning Optical Communications – Product Line Specialist

Craig Baer

United States Military Academy – Human Geography
Army Special Forces
Komatsu America Corporation

Cameron Brooks has a program that is clear concise and proven. Even more impressive than the program is the people that make up the Cameron-Brooks team. Regardless of where I end up, the experience with Cameron-Brooks provided me with valuable lessons which will help me be more effective in any occupation.

Bianca Lopez

San Diego State University – Criminal Justice
Army – Adjutant General
North American Corporation

Meredith Lewandowski

Norwich University – Communications
Army - Signal Officer
Protiviti, Inc.

Cameron-Brooks gives you opportunities to work with the best corporations that you normally would never get a chance with and teaches you how to be the best you can be for those companies. I now know how to go into every interview with confidence that I have the qualifications they are looking for and knowing that Cameron-Brooks will be there for any advice in the future is a huge help.

Cliff Lutz

United States Military Academy – Engineering Management
Army - Field Officer

Cameron-Brooks has been professional yet still personable and provided individual attention. JMOs have misconceptions about the transition, interviewing, and many other things. C-B provides structure to the transition process thereby decreasing one's learning curve. Transitioning is new to every JMO so C-B provides guidance, mentorship, and a structured program to find a satisfying career.

Rob McClelland

Texas A&M University - Construction Management
Army- Logistics Officer
TurnKey Vacation Rentals

Debbie Dawe

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Aerospace Studies
Army - Air Defense Officer
Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores

Cameron-Brooks is a gold mine. They partner with you to develop your knowledge about yourself, business, and interviewing. They're always ready to answer questions, give candid but constructive criticism to help you grow, and have a wealth of knowledge to share not just on the process but also the business world. Their process gets you matched with quality companies offering developmental positions. The career conference is well organized with quality information provided during the company briefs. If you trust them and listen to/act on everything they tell you, you can't help but succeed. This is a gold mine of an opportunity to get your career jumpstarted.

Jon Russ

The Ohio State University – Political Science
Marine Corps – Supply Officer

Cameron-Brooks provides opportunities you would never think to consider. My favorite aspect of the Cameron-Brooks experience has been the preparation for the transition to the business world. The DDP not only prepared us to be excellent interviewees but gave us some basic business acumen to be able to hold our own.

Brett Curcio

University of Illinois at Chicago – Criminology, Law and Justice
Army – Field Artillery Officer
Oldcastle, Inc.

Cameron-Brooks' program really allows a military officer to find their competencies and articulate them in a way that connects to corporate America. The opportunity to have so many interviews with such quality companies for positions that truly fit my qualities. I think the baseline business knowledge I gained from the DPP will allow me set forth a path for a great career.

Josh Loch

Texas A&M University - Economics
Marine Corps- Infantry Officer
RSI Communities

Jaye Brison

University of Texas - Finance
Army – Finance Officer
Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores

The availability of Cameron-Brooks team throughout the entire process and the rapid response time to any questions issues or concerns. There is a very real fear that comes with leaving the security of the military, but knowing that the Cameron-Brooks team is always there to correct mistake or give insight has made my transition feel smooth, almost effortless, thus far.

Roman Bonczek

University of Portland – Organizational Communication
Army – Engineer Officer
Jindal Films

The benefit to working with Cameron-Brooks is the opportunity to interview with leaders in business. My business knowledge increased in each interview and I had the chance to consider great career options that I would never have known about without Cameron-Brooks. They provide superb instruction on interviewing. This is a foreign skillset to most military officers, and Cameron-Brooks' instruction on the theory and mechanics of interviewing was essential to my success at the career conference.

Chris Thornton

Texas A&M University - Marketing
Army- Special Forces
Globus Medical

Matthew Castagna

Johns Hopkins University 2005 – BA English
Marine Corps – Pilot/Forward Air Controller
Eurofins Scientific – Logistics Manager

The insight and experience C-B brings to the table offers so much support and preparation. A wealth of knowledge that helps so much in decision-making for a career.

Gregory Keith

USMA 2012 – BS Kinesiology
Army - Armor Officer
Globus Medical – Fast Track Associate Spine Specialist

Jennyfer Christman

Central Methodist University 2009 – BA Psychology
Webster University 2017 – MA Human Resources Management
Army – Adjutant General
Stryker Corporation – Customer Experience Supervisor – Instruments

Cameron-Brooks is a program that will lead you to a career. They are professionals in everything that they do. I feel better prepared to the civilian sector and would not have had the opportunities that they have brought to the table.

Abraham DiPerna

Canisius College 2009 – BS Management
Army – Aviation
Corning, Inc. – Project Management Engineer

Cameron-Brooks opened many unique and amazing opportunities that I would not have had access too on my own. The Cameron-Brooks team worked with me through each step of the development process. Cameron-Brooks is dedicated to ensuring each candidate has a successful transition; evident by the enormous dedication and involvement demonstrated by Chuck Alvarez (CEO) at the conference.

Matt Gulosh

USNA 2006 – BS Computer Science
University of Oklahoma 2015 – Master of Human Relations
Navy - Naval Aviator
Textron Specialized Vehicles – Program Manager

Stephen Owens

Texas A&M University 2008 – BS Computer Information Systems
Florida Institute of Technology – MS Project Management
Army – Logistics
Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores – Operations Manager

Cameron Brooks doesn't just help you find a job they help plan your career, which is why they are so much better than other recruiting services.

Ron LaBorde

USNA 2006 – BS Economics
Navy - Naval Aviator
Turnkey Vacation Rentals – Manager – Operations Excellence

Peter Mrvos

University of Pittsburgh 2008 – BA Politics - Philosophy
Webster University – MA Advertising/Marketing
Army – Armor and Public Affairs
PACTIV – Sales Manager

Cameron-Brooks offers three key benefits that make the transition to Corporate America incredibly smooth: knowledge, predictability, and opportunity. The Cameron-Brooks team provides a near MBA-level education in their Development Preparation Program, gives a clear picture of what a transition timeline looks like, and has a reputation that will bring dozens of high-caliber companies to a conference looking to hire you.

Andy Netzel

USMA 2009 – BS Economics
Army – Aviation
Altec Industries – Account Manager

Cameron-Brooks presents so many doors to great careers. They are development careers and opportunities to go far and make a difference in corporate America.

Robert Wolfe

USMA ’11 – BS Management
ARMY – Field Artillery Officer
Medline Industries, Inc. – Sales Representative

Aili Miettinen

Elmira College ’12 – BA Philosophy & Religion
ARMY - Engineer
Eurofins Scientific – Logistics Manager

Paul Warren

Auburn University ’11 – BS Chemical Engineering / American Military University ’14 – MS Environmental Policy & Management
Air Force - Engineer
Automated Logic Corporation – Project Manager

Karen Wong

St. John’s University ’11 – BA Psychology
Army – Logistics Officer
Boston Scientific- Field Clinical Representative

Cameron-Brooks truly puts the Candidate first and does everything to ensure that he/she has a successful transition. C-B will provide you with the tools and resources you need, to ensure you have the best options.

Andrew Frank

USMA ’11 – BS Economics
ARMY - Field Artillery Officer
North American Corporation

Billy Jackson

University of Florida ’07 – BS Finance / Florida Tech ’13 – MBA Finance
Army – Logistics Officer
Altec Industries – Service Manager

Cameron-Brooks truly cared about me and my success, and helped me develop the skills to effectively communicate in a corporate environment, and demonstrate my capabilities in a way made sense to the business world.

Chris Hardeman

USMA ’09 – BS Management
ARMY - Intelligence Officer
DaVita, Inc. – Regional Operations Director

Amanda Foxton

USNA ’10 – International Relations
NAVY – Surface Warfare Officer
Mars, Inc. – Associate Brand Manager

Shane Kigin

USNA ’06 – History / University of Washington - MBA
Navy – Helicopter Pilot
Symbotic – Automation General Manager

Cameron-Brooks offers the opportunity to sit down with a dozen top-tier companies with immediate openings for which we are qualified, and prepares us well for the conversations we'll have with those companies.

Carmen Green

Trinity College ’06 - Religion
Communications CPT - Marine Corps
Medline Industries, Inc. – Orthopedic Sales Representative

Greg Stern

Fort Lewis College ’08 – Business Administration
Army – Field Artillery
Altec Industries – Service Manager

The amount of preparation and guidance offered every step of the way is a huge benefit, and something you will not get transitioning on your own. It could be the difference between getting just a "job" and beginning a career.

Marie Pooser

University of Texas ’11 – Chemical Engineering
NAVY – Nuclear Surface Warfare Officer
Lam Research Corporation – Manufacturing Engineer

Gibb Clark

The Citadel ’10 – Business Administration / Columbus State University ’15 – MS Organizational Leadership
ARMY – Infantry CPT
BIOTRONIK, Inc. – Field Clinical Specialist

Mitchell Zito

Universtiy of South Alabama ’11 - Biology
Army - Intelligence
Globus Medical – Associate Spine Specialist

Working with Cameron-Brooks is a great strategy when transitioning out of the military. It is a highly professional organization with major partnerships with Fortune 500 companies. Cameron-Brooks puts you on a wonderful path for your career search. I suggest you watch one of their PODCASTs before you decide to take any other path.

Rob Swanson

USMA ’09 – Military History
ARMY – Aviation CPT
Michelin North America – Global Leadership Program-Operations

Paul Proios

Mechanical Engineering
Army - Aviation
Lonza Pharma & Biotech – Manufacturing Supervisor

CB introduced me into the world of corporate interviewing and has showed me how to best prepare for the questions, interest, and rapport building needed to get place in a great position with a successful company.

Lauren De Jesus

Fordham University 2010 - History, Missouri University of Science and Technology 2015 - MS Geological Engineering
Army - Engineer
Boston Scientific - Associate Manager, Project Management

Ben Black

Kansas State University 2008 - Mechanical Engineering
Army - Intelligence Officer
Koch Industries - Reliability Center Coordinator

The required reading program from Cameron-Brooks helped me gain a better feel for business in general, and offered several useful leadership techniques that I wish I had earlier in my career.

Greg Gregorian

USMA 2013 - Economics
ARMY - Field Artillery Officer
BIOTRONIK, Inc. - Field Clinical Specialist

Vance Lewis

USMA 2011 - Mechanical Engineering
Army - Engineer
Oldcastle, Inc. - Project Manager

Cameron Brooks provided me the opportunity to meet with multiple impressive companies at their Career Conference and to complete my job search on a more predictable timeline. Because of their help, I never experienced the unknowns my friends did in finding my post military career.

Vorry Moon

University of Northern Colorado 2008 - Political Science
ARMY - Military Intelligence Officer
Medtronic - Sales Representative - Surgical Innovations

Victoria Carpenter

USMA 2012 - Literature
Army - Quartermaster
Revlon - Filling & Assembly Manager

When you partner with Cameron-Brooks, you partner with a company that has amazing success rates in placing JMOs in developmental careers. Their team listened to what I wanted in my post military career and helped me prepare and present my best self to achieve my career goals.

Andrew Mikkelson

University of California Riverside 2011 - Chemical Engineering
NAVY – Submarine Officer
Eli Lilly - Operations Associate

Jacob Johnson

North Dakota State University 2008 - Political Science
ARMY - Military Intelligence Officer
BIOTRONIK, Inc. - Field Clinical Specialist

Christopher Coker

Kansas State University ’12 - Sociology, Criminology
ARMY, Infantry
J&J - Associate Account Manager in Training

A transitioning soldier doesn't truly know what to expect. Cameron-Brooks offers expectation management, which is vital during the transitional period.

Zamar Gooden

Florida A&M University ’09 - Electrical Engineering
FedEx - Senior Engineer

Brandon Clark

Appalachian State University ’06 - Business Management
NAVY, Pilot
Medline Industries, Inc.

Foundations are important. Cameron-Brooks lays a solid and level foundation to build upon. I think that the entire Cameron-Brooks Team does a great job at laying the foundations for a successful career in business, as well as pushing you on an upward trajectory for that success.

Trent Housley and spouse Sarah Housley

Southern Utah University ’13 - Communication
ARMY, Medical Service
Altec Industries - Sales Site Manager Development Program

Justin Tworek

Boston University ’10 - Manufacturing Engineer
NAVY, Nuclear Power Submarine Officer
Campbell Soup Company - IT Project Manager

The Cameron-Brooks program has prepared me to achieve long term career growth by exposing me to great opportunities and teaching me how to navigate the business world.

Sigan Wilson

Manhattan College ’06 - Mechanical Engineering
Airforce, Civil Engineer
Stryker Corporation - IT Business Analyst, Orthopedics Group

Carlos Semidey

University of Central Missouri ’07 - Cadd-Architecture Emphasis
ARMY, Engineer
Foster Farms - Associate Marketing Manager

Cameron-Brooks gives you the best options applicable to your competencies from excellent companies. Personalized service that ensures experienced professionals are working on your behalf.

Melanie Mansbach

USMA ’07 - Mechanical Engineering
ARMY, Aviation
Lonza Pharma & Biotech - Manufacturing Supervisor

Sam LeVon

University of Illinois Urbana-Champa ’12 - History
ARMY, Infantry
Reynolds Consumer Products - Manufacturing Supervisor

Cameron-Brooks gave me the resources and motivation to greatly expand my knowledge of the business world and to develop my leadership style to benefit my current job in the Army and my future civilian career.

Tom Sculthorpe

USNA ’06 - Physics
NAVY, Naval Aviator
Corning, Inc - Applications Engineer

Amor Moran

University of Washington 2007, BS Atmospheric Sciences
Air Force Captain, Air Force Weather Officer

Caitlin Tye

Rensselaer 2010, BS Civil Engineering
Navy Lieutenant, Surface Warfare Officer
Oldcastle, Inc., Project Manager Estimator

Cameron-Brooks helps you realize you are valuable and that you are qualified for many different types of careers regardless of your background.

Deedrick Jeffries

Lambuth University 2008, BA Political Science
Arm Captain, Ordinance Maintenance Officer
Love’s Travel Stops, District Manager in Training

Bryan Bove

The College of New Jersey 2011, BA Political Science
Navy Captain, Armor Officer
North American Corporation, Program Account Manager

I feel exceptionally balanced in terms of basic business knowledge, which I cannot say was the case before I joined the program.

Gil Desroches & Amanda Desroches

Harvard 2007, BA Human Evolutionary Biology
Marine Corps Captain, Infantry Officer
Proskauer Rose, LLC, Client Operations Supervisor

Peter Brown

Marquette University 2007, BS Finance
Navy Flight Officer
SC Johnson, Associate Manager, Global Insights & Business Analytics

I feel so much more prepared for business now than before the Conference. The alumni program seems great and I plan on utilizing it.

Lee Dai

North Carolina University 2005, BS Mechanical Engineering
Marine Corps, Captain, Naval Flight Officer
Proskauer Rose, LLC, Client Operations Supervisor

Daniel Fitzgerald

Niagra University 2010, BBA Accounting
Army, Captain, Logistics Officer
Glaxo Smith Kline (GKS), Demand Planner Lead

Cameron-Brooks provides an opportunity to sit down with multiple great companies and I was able to sit down with many of the decision makers. They gave me a map to success and were with me every step of the way. All I needed to do was work hard and they were not going to let me fail.

Kevin Sandlin

USMA 2011, BS Mechanical Engineering
Army, Captain, Infantry
PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP (PWC), Senior Consultant

Tres Gottlich

Texas A&M University 2011, BA Human Resources Development
Marine Corps, 1st Lieutenant, Field Artillery Officer
Love’s Travel Stops & Country Store, District Manager in Training

The preparation for the interviews was well done, but my favorite aspect of the Cameron-Brooks program was how well each individual was evaluated and matched with the companies. I felt I matched very well with the large majority of the companies I interviewed with.

Alex Delgado

Florida State University 2012, BA International Affairs
Florida International University 2014, MBA
USMC Logistics Officer
DaVita Healthcare Partners, Group Facility Administrator

Matthew Kuwamoto

United States Military Academy 2011, Engineering Management
Army Air Defense
Johnson & Johnson, Associate Facilitator

The preparation that you receive prior to attending the Career Conference is incomparable. The Cameron-Brooks team truly cares about what they do and making each individual successful. They don't just place you in a position. They work to get you placed in the best position for you.

Alex Player

The Citadel 2011, BS Electrical Engineering
Navy Submariner
Johnson & Johnson, New Product Development Engineer

Mike Gensert

Sam Houston State University 2002, BA Criminal Justice
Army Acquisition Program Management
AAIPharma, Project Manager

Developing the interviewing skills necessary for a successful career search is a unique opportunity that is rare outside of partnering with Cameron-Brooks.

Even Leitch

United States Marine Academy 2009, Engineering Psychology
Missouri University of Science & Technology 2014, MS Engineering Management
Army Engineer
DaVita Healthcare Partners, Group Facility Administrator

Evan Greco

Marymount University 2011, BA Criminal Justice
Army Air Defense
Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores, District Manager

Cameron-Brooks’ reading list and Development & Preparation Program© are top notch. I wouldn't have thought that in just over 8 months I would have been able to interview in front of the companies that I did at the Conference. I probably wouldn't have even been able to secure an interview with one on my own.

Tom Cai

United States Marine Academy 2006, Economics
University of Hawaii at Manoa 2008, MA Economics
Army Aviation
Proskauer Rose, LLC, Client Operations Supervisor

Roberto Portales

United States Military Academy 2011, Economics
Army Intelligence
Hewlett-Packard, Sales Executive

The company briefings were a great opportunity for me to understand how I could connect to each company/position.

Brandon Hines

United States Marine Academy 2011, Engineering Management
Army Infantry Officer
Altec Industries, Account Manager

Matthew Riley

University of Memphis 2010, BA History
Army Field Artillery
AAIPharma, Human Resources Business Partner

The greatest benefit to working with Cameron-Brooks is how prepared I felt going into every interview. Not only was I prepared to answer questions and be able to clearly translate my military experience to the civilian world, but I was always well aware of what each position I was interviewing for needed and wanted.

Chris Wilkerson

University of Alabama 2010, Criminal Justice
Marine Corps Engineer Officer
DaVita Healthcare Partners, Regional Operations Director

Brian Little

Texas A&M University 2011, Political Science
Army Armor Officer
Hewlett-Packard, Account Management/Sales Executive

I feel this process and the career placement put you years ahead of others going the traditional route for careers, post military. I feel I will be able to establish myself quickly and be successful in advancing within the organization.

Sean O’Sulllivan

Saint Leo University 2008, Business Administration/Management
Army Infantry
Medtronic, Sales Education Representative

Joe Fuller

University of Alaska Fairbanks 2008, Biological Sciences
Army Aviation Officer
Carrier Corporation, Plant Facilities Manager

I always thought that I was good at interviewing, but my interviewing skills have increased 10-fold. Being able to take the constructive feedback given by Joel, Rob, and Pete really developed my interviewing skills and the proof of that was evident in my success at the conference.

Eric Martinez

Anderson University 2007, History/Bible & Religion
Marine Corps Infantry Officer
Hewlett-Packard, Account Management/Sales Executive

Joe Downer

Boston University 2007, Economics
Navy Helicopter Pilot
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Senior Consultant

Cameron-Brooks has an excellent preparation program and invests a lot of time ensuring you are ready to interview with companies that fit your skill set and interest. However, you have to be willing to invest the time to make it happen. It is worth it because they have exceptional companies attend the Conference.

Kiel Towns & Ashley Towns

Kiel Towns
USMA 2008, Political Science
Aviation Officer
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Senior Consultant

Ashley Towns
USMA 2007, French/Arabic
Army Engineer Officer
DaVita Healthcare Partners, Group Facility Administrat

Tony Derjani

American University of Beirut 2003, Mechanical Engineering
Army Armor Officer
PERBIX, Project Manager

The program that Cameron-Brooks took me through has been a cornerstone in my interviewing success and I believe it will have a great impact on my career advancement since the opportunities they paired me with all have future development potential.

Joe Mabis

USNA 2008, Mechanical Engineering
Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer
PERBIX, Project Engineer

Dru Wooldridge

Florida State University 2011, Finance
Army Logistics Officer
Stryker Corporation, Senior Financial Analyst

No organization will get you more prepared for a corporate interview than Cameron-Brooks. Their knowledge and insight on companies are second to none and the quality of companies that attend the Conference is impressive.

Joe Cheng

USMA 2010, Chinese
Army Military Intelligence Officer
Proskauer Rose, LLC, Financial Analyst

Nora Scheiber

USAFA 2010, Political Science
Air Force Force Support Officer
Hewlett-Packard, Account Management

The professionalism of the Cameron-Brooks team and how well everything is communicated significantly exceeded my expectations. I felt very taken care of. Cameron-Brooks gave me a network and a great sounding board, and made the entire transition easier. ”

Jason Forest

Clemson 2011, Civil Engineering
Army Transportation Officer
James M. Pleasants Company, Technical Engineering Sales Operation Support

Sophie Obamije

USMA ’06, Operations Research
Army, Logistics
Johnson & Johnson, Logistics Planner

The impact that the Cameron-Brooks Program has made for me has been great because I feel as if I can accomplish anything, and I am especially motivated to perform well for the company that employees me. C-B has educated me on what the companies expect and the various paths I am able to take just by stepping into a business career.

Thomas Matthews

South Carolina State University ’08, Marketing
Army Field Artillery Officer, Captain
DaVita Healthcare Partners, Group Facility Administrator

Dora Irvine

USMA ’07, History
Army Adjutant General, Captain
Liberty Advisor Group, Consultant

The Career Conference is an incredible opportunity to be able to interview with so many companies without having to send out your resume over and over.

Nick Tsikalas

USNA ’06, Systems Engineering; University of Florida ’14, MBA
Navy Pilot, Lieutenant
Liberty Advisor Group, Consultant

Chris Robinette

Kansas State University ’11, Sociology-Criminology
Army Signal Officer, Captain
HCA Healthcare, Manager of Technical Services

The program prepares candidates for a full transition, not just a successful interview or job search. This program effectively introduces candidates to the different culture that is found within business.

Jose Armenta

Cornell University ’06, Industrial & Labor Relations
Army Infantry Office, Captain
Oldcastle, Inc., Business Director of Equipment

Drew Beavers

USMA ’10, Economics
Army Field Artillery Officer, Captain
Avalution Consulting, Consultant

Heavy Development, Heavy Involvement, and Massive Opportunities!
You will be successful with Cameron-Brooks. I often explain that Cameron-Brooks is the Pro (or All Star) Team.

Harrison Bradford

USNA ’07, Mechanical Engineering
USMC Pilot, Captain
Eli Lilly, Associate Consultant-Six Sigma Black Belt

Phil Maenner

Fordham University ‘05, Business Administration/Marketing
Army Intelligence Officer, Captain
DaVita Healthcare Partners, Group Facility Administrator

Cameron-Brooks has taken all of the guess work out of transitioning into the civilian world. The DPP, reading program, resume building, and interaction with the staff far exceeds anything available through the military's transition program. The Career Conference was organized and run exceptionally well, to include the quality of companies and opportunities.

Graham Hoar

University of Notre Dame ’11, Political Science
Army Transportation Officer, Captain
Textron Aviation, Regional Sales Director

Katherine Alder

USNA ’09, History
Navy Surface Warfare Officer, Lieutenant
Johnson & Johnson Noramco, Maintenance Supervisor

Top-notch... Cameron-Brooks is professional and I gained an exponential learning curve for interviewing skills. I am definitely a much stronger candidate for a job than I would have been without them.

Frank Baumann

Louisiana State University ’06, Finance
Navy Intelligence Officer, Lieutenant
Medtronic, Combined Bag Sales Specialist

Mike Keighley

University of Maine ’06, Business Management
Army Aviation Officer, Captain
HCA Healthcare, Information Security Analyst

Cameron-Brooks does an excellent job at getting to know every aspect of you and finding jobs that you would never find on your own. When they say "trust the process," you really do just have to trust it. I never could have conducted a job search to find the opportunities that Cameron-Brooks found for me. You also gain an insane amount of interview experience within a short amount of time. I can't imagine how long it would take to gain that experience on my own and how many failures I'd have to go through until I got it right.

Brent Whiteman

USAFA ’10, Management; Harvard ’12, MPP Business & Gov’t Policy
Air Force Contracting Officer, Captain
Chatham Financial Corporation, Team Member

Jim Higgins

United States Military Academy '08, Economics
Army, Infantry CPT
All Risks, Ltd. Broker in Training

The benefits of working with Cameron-Brooks can be expressed in multiple ways. First would be the trusting relationships that candidates build with all the members of the Cameron-Brooks team and how important that is in moving forward in the career search process. Second, the interview preparation and professional development programs are unparalleled and greatly aid in determining what jobs/industries a candidate is best suited for in their next career. Lastly, the quality of the companies that Cameron-Brooks brings to the Conference is amazing and affords candidates opportunities that would be near impossible to pursue as an individual.

Paul Young

Tuskegee University '06, English
Army, AG CPT
All Risks, Ltd., Broker in Training

Matt Cole

Auburn University '10, Political Science
Army, Logistics CPT
Sterilmed Division of J&J, Account Manager in Training

Cameron-Brooks is truly a full service program. With resume assistance, mock interviews, workshops, the Development & Preparation Program (DPP), and the high-caliber professionalism at the Career Conference, you have a partner every step of your journey out of the military and into Corporate America.

Scott Werner

Virginia Tech, '07, Civil Engineering
Navy, Nuclear Surface Warfare Officer
GreatBatch, Inc. Quality Engineer

Jenna Sanders

United States Military Academy '08, Foreign Area Studies
Army, Signal CPT
Textron Aviation, Regional Sales Manager

Cameron-Brooks ensures you're thinking career and helps you see big picture. They're not just concentrated on helping you get a job.

Colin Raymond

University of Notre Dame '11, Management Consulting and Spanish
Army, Infantry CPT
DaVita Healthcare Partners, Group Facility Administrator

David Hanson

SUNY College at Brockport, History/International Studies
Army, Infantry
Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores, District Manager Training Program

The best aspect of my experience with Cameron-Brooks was the individual investment I felt each member of the team had in my success. From every face-to-face interaction to phone and email conversation, each member of the Cameron-Brooks team was professional and invested in my personal preparation and success.

Will Andrews

American Military University, Military Management
Army, Air Defense
EMCOR Group, Senior Buyer

Amber McColl

Cornell University, Russian
Army, Intelligence
Ernst & Young, Senior Consultant

The benefits are unmatched by any other recruiting firm. Cameron-Brooks does extensive training and preparation tailored individually to each Candidate, and they line you up for a transition to a true career, not just a job.

Sam Donovan

USNA ’10, Economics
Navy, Nuclear Power Submarine
Ernst & Young, Senior Consultant

Chad Strickland

Columbus State University, Finance
Army, Armor
Public Storage, District Manager

There is only one recruiter to use when transitioning from the military. If you are ready to transition to Corporate America, and you have a track record of success, prepare yourself professionally and call Cameron-Brooks!!!

Donnie Naiman

USAFA ’07, Legal Studies
Webster University, MBA
Air Force, Contracting
EMCOR Group, Project Manager

Wesley Kotz

USMA ‘09, Mechanical Engineering
Army, Armor
Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores, District Manager Training Program

Cameron-Brooks has been a great introduction into the business world and has set the foundation for successful behavior in the business world.

Rick Zappala

Princeton, Politics
Webster University, Business and Organizational Security Management (MA)
Army, Civil Affairs
Ernst & Young, Senior Consultant

Edward “Ted” Sweeney

Central Washington University, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Army, Engineer
Corning, Inc., Manufacturing Supervisor/Process Team Leader

The Cameron-Brooks Development and Preparation Program really allowed me to adjust to a business-focused mentality, and to realize that this is not just a job but the start to a real career.

Lauren Keefe

USNA ’06, Political Science
UMBC, Industrial/Organizational Psychology (MPS)
Navy, Naval Flight Officer
Ernst & Young, Senior Consultant

John Garvin

Texas A&M, History
Army, Intelligence
RealManage, Market Director

Think of all the times in your military career where you had to accomplish a big task; then imagine that you had nobody to ask for help or guidance and that most of the information floating around in older doctrine is wrong or vague. Cameron-Brooks, to me, was like the company commander or warrant officer who was experienced in the process and talked me through the pitfalls and took me through step by step to where I wanted to be.

John McLaughlin

USNA ’05, Political Science
Marine Corps, Infantry
RealManage, Market Director

Bill Battles

Oklahoma State University, Business Administration
Army, Transportation
Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores, District Manager Training Program

Working with Cameron-Brooks is absolutely critical to having a SUCCESSFUL transition. They were able to show me a wide variety of opportunities that I would not have pursued without C-B. I'm already making recommendations to friends.

Will Schuh

USMA ’10, Human Factors Engineering
Army, Infantry
Russell Reynolds Associates, Associate

Charley Smith

Texas A&M, Psychology
Army, PSYOPS (Psychological Operations)
Kraft, Production Leader

Cameron-Brooks has the experience and talent to work with you on a personal and professional level, and then identifying the opportunities a JMO has in the business world.

Johanna Schumacher

USN ’01, BA Political Science/MS Applied Physics
Navy, Surface Warfare Officer
Invista (Division of Koch Industries), Reliability Center Coordinator

Sean Cooke

Catholic University, Mechanical Engineering
Army, Engineer
Medtronic, Senior Design Assurance Engineer

You will appreciate how the Cameron-Brooks team helps you discover your marketability as a JMO. They will assist you in interview preparation, translate your military experience to relatable experience on a resume, and they are with you every step of the way. It is a stressful time; however, the Cameron-Brooks team is there for you, and you will experience peace of mind when you meet other candidates in the same transition point in their lives.

Pat Steiner

UC Davis '05, Political Science
Army Infantry
BIOTRONIK, Inc., Field Clinical Specialist

Chris Miller

Texas A&M University '08, Nuclear Engineering/MS Professional Studies, Homeland Security
Navy, Submarine Officer
AP Networks, Consultant

The QUALITY of professional development has been exceptional and certainly above my greatest expectations.

Jimmy Munn

USNA '07, General Engineering
Marine Corps, Supply
Derrick Equipment Company, Technical Services Engineer

Jisun Jung

University of Miami '11, Biology
Army, Military Intelligence
Russell Reynolds Associates, Research Associate

The Cameron-Brooks team offered exceptional support from recruiting through the Career Conference and all the way through the follow-up process. The C-B team has made my transition experience so easy, with their preparation lessons, interview advice and career advice.

Michael Rennie

Morehouse College '10, Political Science
Army, Logistics
EMCOR Group, Account Manager

Paul Conrad

King '07, Business Administration
Army, Logistics
Ascend Performance Materials, Finance Business Analyst

Cameron-Brooks provides a framework for your separation preparation that you can't match on your own. They bring value with a well selected reading list that allows you to focus on the important concepts you will need. Additionally, the preparation and work at the Career Conference are an immense opportunity for personal growth as well as direct interaction with hiring managers.

Paul Galato

University of Pittsburgh '07, Engineering Physics
Navy, Submarine Officer
3M Company, Lean Engineer

Stephanie Johnson

Clemson University '05, BA Political Science/Masters Human Relations '13
Air Force, Air Battle Manager
HCA Healthcare, Information Security

Cameron-Brooks helps you fill the gaps between the military and Corporate America. The Development and Preparation Program (DPP) is as structured or autonomous as you would like it to be. The interview preparation workshops are a good way to meet other transitioning JMOs who are going through the same process and facing the same challenges as yourself. It introduces you to a large network of peers.

Stevie Lee

Virginia Tech '06, BA International Studies/MA Interdisciplinary Studies/International Relations '11
Air Force, Logistics
Noble Energy, Finance/Supply Chain Rotation

Robert Bove

USMA ’08, International Relations
Army, Armor
ZS Associates, Associate Consultant

Cameron-Brooks takes the time to get to really know you and you get to know them too. They will then use the knowledge they've gained while building that relationship to find you multiple job opportunities in different industries with successful companies. They definitely set you up for success both at the Conference and in the years to come after your career transition.

Chris Hurst

USMA '09, Arts, Philosophy & Literature
Army, Quartermaster
G3 Enterprises, Business Analyst

Seth Beamer

USMA ’06, Leadership and Management
Army, Armor
WhiteWave Foods, Brand Management

My experience with Cameron-Brooks was unbelievable! The preparation, the Team, the opportunities are first class and blew my expectations out of the water. I had been uneasy and worried that the opportunities I hoped for might not be at the Conference, but sure enough they were, and there were multiple options.