Book Reviews

Below are comments from military officers who have read PCS and successfully transitioned to the business world.

Emory E. Zimmer, Director, Strategic Program Management, Procter & Gamble

“PCS to Corporate America was instrumental in preparing me for the “life-cycle transition” and transformation from the military to corporate life. Roger’s transparent guidance allowed me to wrap my mind around the entire process, enabled me to prepare effectively for every stage, and set me up to execute with excellence throughout my journey from initial interviews, to early transition to corporate life, and throughout my 26 years in the business world. A must-read for those who desire a successful transition and “fast start” in the corporate world.”


Bill Stewart, Associate Vice President, Strategic Accounts, DePuySynthes (Division of J&J)

“It has been about 16 years since I left the military, but I remember how PCS to Corporate America gave me a sense of calm about translating my military experience into success in business. As a guide to interviewing, there isn’t a better reference manual for how to succinctly frame answers that effectively deliver a message. I keep a small number of business books on a shelf in my office, and this book has never moved off of that shelf.”


Pete Burney, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain & Business Enablement, Hallmark Cards, Inc.

“This book is loaded with simple yet profound insights on ways junior officers can put their best foot forward in the transition process. It’s tailored for JMOs, yet indispensable as a tool for managing a career once you’re inside an organization. I’ve turned to it countless times over the years to help me market my skills, and I’ve used it to help coach countless others. PCS to Corporate America is a timeless treasure.”


Greg Beckman, District Sales Manager, Abbott Laboratories

“PCS is an invaluable resource for the professional in transition. It codifies the expressed talents demonstrated through military service and brings to the forefront the implied attributes that corporate America is searching for in their leader development. PCS guided me in expressing my talents, honing my message, and establishing a match between my skill set and the needs of the hiring company. Initially, I realized I possessed certain attributes, but I was unfamiliar with how to transition those skill sets to a marketable package. PCS and the Cameron-Brooks team assisted in that transition. Even today, 14 years post-transition, I refer to PCS for guidance and clarity.”


Michael DeBock, Senior Director of Business Development, NextEra Energy Resources

“Eight years post-transition, I still keep my copy of PCS to CorporateAmerica on my bookshelf right next to my desk. It served as a guide during my transition and still serves me well today. Whether I’m looking to prepare myself for the next step in my corporate growth or wanting to help an employee understand some time-tested principles, PCS to Corporate America is a key resource for me in my professional library.”


Stephen Morse, Area Vice President of Sales, Boston Scientific Corporation

“For those who have served our country in war time, you are so far beyond where I was when I left the USAF as a captain. I am incredibly impressed by the maturity and professionalism of those who have served in today’s military. What you’ve done and who you are will be incredible assets for your future success. PCS and the Cameron-Brooks team will help you effectively prepare for success in your new life.”


Chris M. Sutter, Project Services Area Supervisor, ExxonMobil Development

“I find that most people are willing to do hard work. Unfortunately, the road map to success is not often very easy to navigate. PCS to Corporate America provides the best road map I know of for military officers wishing to transition to the business world—if the person is willing to work hard, the destination can be reached when you follow PCS to Corporate America.”


Marla K. Bradbury, Associate Vice President of Marketing and Advertising, Apollo Group, Institute for Professional Development

“Read this book! It is the most direct information source positioned just for the military officer and provides what you need to know for the most successful transition out of the military and into corporate America. Questions you have now—like “Why would someone want to hire an officer?” and “What kind of position would I be best for in the civilian world?” to “What should I wear to an interview?” or “What questions will I be asked?”—are all answered in this book. It’s a must-read. Since I transitioned from the military into corporate America, every lesson Roger and his team have taught me has not just been helpful but also critical to my success.”


Alex Svetlev, Supply Planning Manager, Whirlpool Corporation

“I read PCS to Corporate America four times from cover to cover, and my wife also read it. Because of this, we were in the right mind-set every step of the way: making the decision to separate, choosing the right recruiter, perfecting my resume, practicing for interviews, completing the reading list, buying the right suits, interviewing initially and in follow-ups, and finally accepting and declining offers. Even five years later, I continue to benefit from the advice, readings, and mind-set gained from PCS and the Cameron-Brooks experience.”


Mark Riegel, Brand Manager, Kraft Foods

“PCS to Corporate America was the first book I read as I considered a transition from the Army. Roger’s impressive knowledge and articulation of what it takes to exceed the high standards of entry into corporate America were evident, and I consumed the book in only a few short hours. As I naturally wrestled with the uncertainty of such a significant transition, I considered PCS my go-to manual or playbook before, during, and after my transition in order to help me achieve my transition goals.”

Tom D. Anderson, Regional Vice President, Sales, Medtronic Spinal & Biologics

“PCS to Corporate America is thought-provoking, practical, and insightful. I love Roger’s simplicity and wisdom to prepare the JMO in making a career-changing transition. Corporate America is starving for leaders, and Roger provides wonderful perspectives and tools for developing leaders at all levels. These concepts have been tremendously influential in shaping my leadership approach and in building my teams.”

David J. Brady, Director, Integrated Planning & Operations, G3 Manufacturing, G3 Enterprises

“I have known Roger Cameron for over 20 years as both a candidate and recruiter. All junior military officers planning on pursuing a career in corporate America would be wise to read PCS to Corporate America and apply the lessons Roger so ably distills in this book. PCS is the “10” every JMO should study and apply to maximize their interviewing skills. In fact, it is excellent reading for anyone who wants to interview at their best. As a hiring authority, I have personally interviewed several hundred candidates over the years. I am no longer surprised by the poor interviewing skills exhibited by many candidates, but those who read PCS and partner with Cameron-Brooks are always extremely well prepared.”