The Cameron-Brooks Difference

Cameron-Brooks is different from typical military headhunters.

No other military recruiting firm has the experience to help JMOs navigate through a military transition and help hiring managers find exceptional candidates. Led by an honest desire for your success, we’ve earned the reputation as the leader in the JMO recruiting industry by providing:

1. A Dedicated Team
You, our JMO candidates and client companies, are the most important part of our business. We truly care about the people with whom we work and the lives we touch. You will have a committed support system throughout your relationship with Cameron-Brooks, which will enable you to effectively achieve your goals.
2. 45+ Years of Experience
Whether you are a Junior Military Officer looking for a career or a company looking for outstanding officer candidates, you can’t help but reap the benefits of our 45+ years in the business of Junior Military Officer recruiting. Because of this experience, we know how to prepare JMOs for successful business careers and are experts at matching them to companies where they will thrive. We know what works—and what doesn’t.
3. A Select and Guided Focus on the JMO
Cameron-Brooks is the only military recruiting firm that focuses solely on Junior Military Officers. This singular focus allows for a richer development of the officer candidate, and because Cameron-Brooks has been doing it this way since its inception, over 45 years ago, they are the leading expert in successful military to the business world transitions.
4. An Unbeatable Development & Preparation Program© (DPP)
Coined a “Mini MBA” by a long-time client company, our preparation program for the business world is second to none.  If you are a JMO looking for a career, you will complete this self-paced, eye-opening program which is based on the many years of experience mentioned above and DPP© will equip you with the skills to ensure you’re ready to make the transition from the military to the business world.
5. A Unique Commission & Fee Structure
For Candidates: Unlike ordinary military recruiting agencies, at Cameron-Brooks, nobody in the company works on commission. In other words, our incentive to find you the most suitable position is not driven by our personal paycheck. We work together to find the best position for each individual JMO we represent. And there is never a cost to candidates for our services.

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For Client Companies: Candidates can only use our placement service once, meaning we will never replace a candidate you hire from us, nor will we represent any employee of your company.  To receive updated and additional information please email