Top Reasons Why Employers Love Cameron-Brooks JMOs

  1. Leadership Experience: While in the military, you have led superiors, peers and team members. You have catalyzed actions in others to achieve results. You have led people through change, led projects and achieved tough objectives.
  2. Real World Accomplishments: Companies like the fact that you impacted the military’s bottom line (combat readiness, maintenance, training, resource utilization, combat operations, better equipment, safety, etc.). Additionally, you achieved these with limited resources and challenging environments where your results mattered.
  3. Self-Development: Cameron-Brooks clients like military leaders who take initiative to develop their skills either through reading books, taking classes, or assuming positions with new responsibilities. Great military and business leaders never stop growing and developing their skills.
  4. World-Class Preparation: Our clients like the fact that the Cameron-Brooks JMO prepares for the business transition. They not only read business books and periodicals, but also conduct self-analysis, understand business concepts, apply lessons to their military careers, and prepare to make an impact in their new careers. This is why it so important to start your transition preparation as far in advance as you can.
  5. Screening and Matching Process: Not all military officers are of equal caliber, and NO company will hire a candidate simply because he or she is a military officer. Our client companies are selective, so we are selective. We also get to personally know our candidates to understand their career ambitions and our clients appreciate that they interview candidates who are not only qualified for their opportunities, but also interested.
  6. Track Record of the Cameron-Brooks Alumnus: We have over 40 years of Cameron-Brooks Alumni transitioning to business and making an impact. Our clients like the Cameron-Brooks JMO for their ability to move into a new career and impact results instantly without expensive training. They can also point to Cameron-Brooks Alumni who have moved up into significant leadership positions, demonstrating the capacity of a Cameron-Brooks JMO.

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