Where are most careers located?

The best way to explain the locations where opportunities exist is to analyze where the headquarters are for FORTUNE 500 Companies. (Every April, FORTUNE Magazine publishes a list of America’s 500 largest companies based on revenue.)

The Northeast region of the United States is by far the number one economic hub of the US with more than 20% (110+) of the FORTUNE 500 companies headquartered in this region. The state of New York has 56 companies alone. The next two major economic hubs are the states of Texas and California with 64 and 51 FORTUNE 500 companies headquartered in those states respectively.

Additionally, most careers for ambitious and talented JMOs will start in major metropolitan areas for 3 main reasons.

This is where the action is. Companies want JMOs to hit the ground running and gain significant experience early in their careers.
Opportunities to complete an MBA or other advanced degrees.
Networking with other employees and mentors in the company who can assist in career development.

Location preference is one of the hardest issues that JMOs face in conducting business career searches. How should location factor into your career search? If you limit to one city, will you be able to find good employment? If you open up on location preference, will you ever be close to family in the future? Since you have been away from family for years, should you try to live geographically closer to them?
To learn more about how to manage location during your career search and throughout your career, go back and read the article in the Resource Center entitled, “Location is a Big Deal.”

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