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    5 Misperceptions About Manufacturing Dispelled

    Often times when I am discussing potential career field opportunities with a Junior Military Officer (JMO), they tend to have misperceptions about manufacturing in Corporate America.  Some will oversimplify manufacturing and believe it is as simple as widget A goes.....
  • How a JMO Can Balance Location Preferences in a Career Search

    Many JMOs leave the military because they feel a lack of control over their career and professional lives.  They want more agency, also known as the ability to make their own decisions.  Additionally, many JMOs decide to transition because they.....
  • Should a JMO Use a Military Officer Recruiting Firm in Today’s Economy?

    Recently, my colleague, Pete Van Epps, wrote a blog post regarding JMOs making a transition in the current economy. You can read that post here. I wanted to follow up his post by asking the question, should a JMO use a military officer recruiting firm in the current economy? After all, the current unemployment rate
  • Developing Your Knowledge Before You Make the Transition from the Military to Corporate America

    What do you know about Lean Manufacturing, Total Productive Maintenance, Kaizen, or Consultative Selling? How about Six Sigma, Process Excellence, Self-Directed Work Teams, Risk Management or Change Management?   The JMO candidates who have succeeded in their career search understood.....
  • Will the Economy Support Your PCS to Corporate America?

    Will the economy support your PCS to Corporate America? One of the first blog entries Cameron-Brooks ever posted was published on March 20, 2009. The title of the post is “The Economy – How is it Impacting Cameron-Brooks Candidates’ Career Searches?” The unemployment rate in March 2009 was 8.5% and it would rise to the
  • For Academy Grads – SACC vs. Cameron-Brooks Career Conference

    I wanted to piggy back off a great blog post my colleague, Pete Van Epps, posted last week discussing the accuracy of a Cameron-Brooks Career Conference.  If you haven’t had a chance to read it, follow this link. Over the.....