Benefits for Alumni

We value every JMO candidate. We help them launch great careers. We consider them more than Cameron-Books alumni—they’re family.

The Cameron-Brooks commitment does not stop at your placement. Being there for you throughout your career is not only part of our program, it’s part of our nature. Any candidate placed by Cameron-Brooks takes with them a lifelong partner in reaching their future career goals. Over 45 years worth of alumni automatically gives you thousands of reasons to stay connected but here are a few more.

  • As a Cameron-Brooks alumnus, you can be part of the exclusive Cameron-Brooks Alumni LinkedIn network with over one thousand members and growing.
  • You can utilize our Facebook Page and our Blog to access ongoing career advice and business news.
  • Ongoing mentoring regarding further education, promotional assignments and career decisions
  • Letters of recommendation for Masters Programs, Mock Interviews & Interview Tips
  • Ongoing access to the Cameron-Brooks Resource Center. We continually update the Resource Center with helpful on-going career advice, career tips from the Cameron-Brooks team, guidance for promotions and much more
  • Tips on navigating promotions
  • Thousands of Cameron-Brooks alumni in FORTUNE 500 and other leading companies—at all levels—with which to be associated


All of these ongoing benefits don’t cost you a dime. They are part of the Cameron-Brooks Candidate process. After all, you’re not only one of the Cameron-Brooks success stories, you’re one of the family.